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At about 1 in the morning a semi-truck cab pulled in front of our house and parked. No trailer. We're not near a truck route and there's nothing immediately by us that would warrant a semi in the area.
After an hour or two I called the cops. They came and checked it out, and left. I didn't request confirmation so I had no idea what was going on, but trusted their judgment. But apparently they were as perplexed as I was.

Turns out it was my dad's cousin stopping by, unannounced.

With his 18 month old Dachsie.

So we locked our 18 year old cat upstairs with food, but no litter box.


Because Dad thought now would be a good time to wash the thing.
So he basically told our geriatric cat that even though she's highly stressed about this stupid puppy tearing through the house, even though she has kidney problems, even though she goes to the bathroom a LOT especially on hot days (and today is a hot day), that she couldn't go to the bathroom for a few hours.

Thankfully she was considerate enough to pee on the bathroom rug and not the bed or the carpet. Some of his clothes would have been better, but she did pee on his side of the rug. :D

FTR we have a smaller spare litter box and while he was hosing off the regular one I filled up and dropped off the spare for her.
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