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Birthdate:Dec 14
Location:California, United States of America
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Visual Kei CDJapan

This works with their new Affiliate program,
so by clicking this link and ordering through it,
I get a tiny bonus for your order. :)
Handy if you love me and don't shop there enough to have your own.

Because I have so much fun with [info]foxbaby's LJ setting, I set about doing it to my own: Now Friends and Family can ta-- Er, now friends can edit and add tags to my entries. Get creative. :D

LJ Layout credits to [info]unequally and [info]introject.

Seeing as I am a frequent victim of salmon bots, I've removed my IM contact information. I have MSN, YIM, and AIM, so feel free to ask me for these names.

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and one, anime expo, anime los angeles, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, avatar: the last airbender, ball-jointed dolls, battle angel alita, battle royale, bjd, black, black trench coats, blade of the immortal, bleach, boots, cats, chinese food, chris casamassa, christ, christianity, chun li, cinnamoroll, clubbing, computers, conservatism, cosplay, d'espairs ray, d'espairsray, daigo☆stardust, deviant art, dir en grey, drawing, drinking, dub this!, eating, ebm, electronic body music, family, final fantasy xii, firearms, fishnet stockings, fishnets, food, german, germany, glenn beck, going to concerts, goo goo dolls, goth, goth clubs, gothic guys, gothic stuff, graphic novels, guilty gear, guns, hello kitty, hellsing, hizumi, hora, imperative reaction, indie, indie music, industrial, intelligent design, iplehouse, j rock, j-rock, japanese, jesus christ, jzeil, kagrra, klaha, kmfdm, leon kennedy, malice mizer, manga, melotron, metal gear solid, metal gear solid 2, metal gear solid 3, metropolis records, military uniforms, miya, money, mortal kombat, movies, mucc, music, nazis, neon genesis evangelion, never land, ninja, o-dai, oomph!, pale skin, pasta, photography, photoshop, pizza, playstation, playstation 2, politics, quan chi, rammstein, red hair, resident evil 4, rivet, rivet boys, rush limbaugh, sailor moon, sailormoon, sarcasm, satochi, satoshi urushihara, satoち, schwarz stein, scorpion, sewing, shopping, silent hill 2, silver, soil & eclipse, sparkling generation valkyrie yuuki, spending money, strawberries, street fighter, subway to sally, sushi, the 80's, the legend of zelda, the shield, translating, tsukasa, unheilig, unlikely pairings, vagrant story, video games, vnv nation, writing, yoga, zeraphine, zombietime, ミヤ, ムック, 日寿, 犬神サーカス団
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