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Apparently units have been $20, and they just went up to $26 this semester. I just paid the outstanding $137 that the system neglected to inform me of. 9 units for a grand total of $227. Thing is, they took down the "purchase parking" option. o_O Is that now included in the cost? We'll find out.

In other news, there was something that I had neglected to mention regarding Anime Expo: I met a guy.

Apparently the only reason that he'd approached me was because he saw Hayvn's Imperative Reaction Tshirt. Hoh shit, we like the same kind of music. Then he recognized my family name, which is a very rare name. We know nearly everyone that has it, it's that rare. He doesn't have it, but his aunt used to be married to our family. So, that got us talking on a few things. Long story short, his name is Cory and we have a little too much in common. XD Sadly he lives 6 hours away, but he'll be down in September and we'll spend some time together without an artist alley table between us and the hustle and bustle of convention life surrounding us. X3 I'm a little excited; I'm not head over heels for him or anything, but that's because I had a lot going on. He, on the other hand, feels that I was the only good thing to come out of his trip to Anime Expo, so he had more time to reflect.

Anyway, maybe we can go clubbing. If not we'll find something "normal" to do. XD
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Leaving in the morning.

Back Sunday night.

Will answer Meme requests when I get back and can actually think some on it. :3

Expect photos of Hayvn with her new eyeballs!!
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I mean uh yeah.

Lessee... Saturday I went on a date and saw Up. It's awesome, but a bit of a tear jerker; so if you haven't seen it, be prepared for that.

Sunday I made some knee length shorts for Hayvn. They look like microscopic Dickies. X3 I'll get some photos when they're 100% done.

Monday I was supposed to do my yoga final after having slept through the last day of class on the 8th. X| So I showed up and pretended like I was going to take the class, as she'd suggested, and then she told me that since I showed up, I didn't have to do it. D: I nearly fell to the floor and kissed her feet.
After that was [livejournal.com profile] sanjicat's birthday party dinner out in Brea, so I grabbed [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens and we headed out there. After dinner, we all learned a little known fact about the Underground Railroad: It was a viable form of terrorism. Comparable to blowing up buildings. Did you all know that? We didn't. Yes, I'm being facetious.

Tuesday, [livejournal.com profile] firenaux asked me to drive him home from school XD So I hung out with them and watched [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens play Silent Hill Homecoming. My Dog that game is an orgasm a frame. AND PYRAMID HEAD WAWHDHDFJY90W43R89375U3IHEFDISHFKJHDS F *dies* I'm gonna get the Wii Silent Hill when it comes out (more like when it's $20) and then we can like... be each other's BFFLs.
When I got home I tried my online Anthropology class. After taking the first quiz and failing to understand how the Powerpoints went with the assigned lectures, I dropped the class. I have enough stress these next 8 days; I don't need to make more by watching 5 lectures, hoping they're the right ones, reading 6 chapters in the book, and taking 5 quizzes. ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE that needs to get done for AX.

And then today I made a T-shirt for Hayvn. :D I need to hem the sleeves and bottom but I painted Imperative Reaction's old logo on it. Dude. It is epic. I have enough scrap to make another one but I'm not sure who to put on it. I only have white and yellow fabric paint for the while. :/ I'll try to run to Joann's and find white knit fabric and get some red paint while I'm there.

Anime Expo

Mar. 15th, 2009 11:14 pm
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Okay, so I just registered for AX. [livejournal.com profile] koromiel expressed interest in doing Artist Alley and I thought, well, maybe things will change in a few months. We can share a table. Hell, because we can have 4 people to a table, maybe we can share with a third person. Like Cindy >>;;; Maybe. Anyway. The price'll go up $5 in about a half hour, so I figured, it's the same price as a 2-day badge; might as well get all 4 days.

I know I won't be getting a hotel. I'll have to drive back and forth, but maybe I'll stay at Koromiel's for the weekend. I know she wouldn't mind the company.

*goes back to practicing faceups on her doll head*


Feb. 17th, 2009 01:45 am
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I just found out that a girl I met at Anime Expo last year, sat next to in Artist Alley all weekend, died in a car accident recently. She was an amazing artist and an absolute doll to be neighbors with and I was looking forward to seeing her at at Anime Los Angeles last month.

Hakubaikou's gallery

I'm heartbroken over this, for myself and her family.
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And the last of it.

Day 4 )



Jul. 3rd, 2008 12:53 am
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Anime Expo.

Bye bye.

See you Sunday night. :D


Jan. 30th, 2008 06:30 pm
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It's been a while since I've actually updated...

Let's see.

Been taking Japanese classes alongside Photography. I have Color photo this spring, and then I get my certificate. <3 I'll take Japanese 3 in the Fall, helping [livejournal.com profile] flaming_loffel while she takes Japanese 2 during the Spring.

Still don't have a job. D: Gay. I really need to call the photographers in the area and see if they need assistants. Of the 3, only one lists an address, and I seriously have no idea what to say over the phone... Any ideas?

The first Chapter of MidnighTokyo was sent off to Japan for the competition, just a few days shy of Christmas. I was tired of it and glad to be done, I am not kidding. But I like it. I'm proud of it, and I'm confident that it'll do well. Especially since I had a dream that it did. ^-^

ALA came and went, and I already updated with that.

Ari and I are working out details for Anime Expo. If anyone is going and needs a place to stay, let us know. We're always looking for roommates.

December 30th, my sister cut my hair. For those that don't know me too well, I had been growing my hair out since July 2002, when it was just above chin-length. It was at my butt by the time my sister hacked it off, and now it's roughly shoulder length. So, that was a major thing to us. Five and a half years of my life is now tied up in a Ziplock to either be sold or made into extensions. I'm also pretty interested in getting an Iple House Doll (Soo Ri, in particular), and would consider making a wig out of my leftovers, as well. But that's down the line.

And then a very tiny thing: Gackt killed my car radio. Right after Thanksgiving, I was driving to school and went over... not even a pothole. A large imperfection in the asphalt on the interchange, and my radio skipped while playing "Vanilla." Not only did it skip, but all buttons ceased to respond. And after hitting Reset, the radio pretty much spiraled down into electronic death. This radio, like my hair, was in my life for 5 and a half years. I loved it, it was the best radio that I could have asked for, for that price. And it was even a conversation piece. Well, it was dead and obsolete and beyond repair. Got a new one though, and it was installed right after the semester ended. Nowhere near as cool and nowhere near as handy to use, but it is easy to use, it isn't ugly, and it plays MP3s. XD My old one didn't do that.

Gackt is no longer allowed inside my car. Furthermore, this CD in question was literally pried out of the radio with pliers and a screwdriver and promptly thrown into the microwave for a 20-second victory celebration.
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I think I'll be taking three classes this fall, mainly because one class doesn't give me homework, but I might not take that class... Never mind. Money won't be an issue. I still have plenty of paper. Anyway.
Japanese 2.
Darkroom Techniques
and Business Grammar. Oooh yeah. This one's online. ^_^

Second. Jen from Anime Expo's Artist Alley (former head of the department) linked us to the Second International Manga competition hosted by Kodansha's Morning Magazine. Kodansha, for those not in the know, publish Vagabond, Black Jack, and.... if you don't know those... Sailormoon. If you don't know what Sailormoon is, stop reading.
The deadline is Dec. 31 2007, 12-50 pages limit, in English or Japanese.

We're using Midnight Tokyo, our private Roleplay game. XD

Third. Since all of our characters are either initially or secondarily modeled after a real life person, I had to go on a hunt to get more pictures of one of the more prominent characters. Since he's not so prominent in the music world (and recently retired this spring! :O), this meant going on a chain link hunt for blogs of the band members of the four bands that he was in (simultaneously) and looking for camera phone pictures of him. I was very successful, and even found a handful of live shots of him performing.

After three hours of this last night, I've fit the bill of "obsessing" over this guy. Fortunately, even though he retired from music (probably just a long hiatus; health got in the way), he still hangs out with the bands on occasion, and thus I can still get pictures periodically. ^-^

One day I'll update with Anime Expo.
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+01|20+ <milo> i want to burn one of gackts cds on a blank cd
+01|20+ <milo> and ask him to autograph it
+01|20+ <HamsterOfNoise> LOL
+01|20+ <HamsterOfNoise> DO IT
+01|20+ <milo> actually
+01|20+ <milo> i won't even burn it just fake cd
+01|20+ <RivetSPOOn> autograph the blank?
+01|20+ <HamsterOfNoise> "Staples???"
+01|20+ <milo> yea
+01|20+ <RivetSPOOn> rude XD
+01|21+ <milo> i'll just say, i baught it off ur internet mp3 shop
+01|21+ <RivetSPOOn> oooh oh burn
+01|21+ <milo> he'll never know
+01|21+ <RivetSPOOn> I know
+01|21+ <RivetSPOOn> Bring a Hyde CD
+01|21+ <milo> lol
+01|21+ <HamsterOfNoise> Hyde aint bad
+01|21+ <HamsterOfNoise> D:
+01|21+ <RivetSPOOn> I know
+01|21+ <RivetSPOOn> but bring it to Gackt and have him sign it
+01|21+ <HamsterOfNoise> lol
+01|21+ <RivetSPOOn> "OMG you're so great I love this album of yours!"
+01|21+ <RivetSPOOn> "....uhm.... :'("
+01|21+ <HamsterOfNoise> hahahaha that's evil
+01|21+ <HamsterOfNoise> I love it
+01|22+ <RivetSPOOn> And then Miyavi
+01|22+ <RivetSPOOn> Bring all of the Due le Quartz stuff
+01|22+ <RivetSPOOn> "Gosh you were so great back then. What happened?"
+01|23+ <RivetSPOOn> OH
+01|23+ <RivetSPOOn> and with Yoshiki
+01|23+ <RivetSPOOn> Bring BUCK-TICK.
+01|23+ <HamsterOfNoise> LOL
+01|23+ <RivetSPOOn> "WHy don't you do weird Hair styles anymore?"
+01|23+ <RivetSPOOn> Same for Sugizo.
+01|24+ <RivetSPOOn> OH OH another burn for Gackt
+01|24+ <HamsterOfNoise> Here it comes.
+01|24+ <RivetSPOOn> Bring Beast of Blood.
+01|24+ <RivetSPOOn> He was out of the band by the time that single came out
+01|25+ <HamsterOfNoise> +1
+01|25+ <HamsterOfNoise> -2737745 to Gackt
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Ari had a dream that she got to meet Dir en Grey. I also got to meet them with her, but she met them first. Well, that came true. She met them at the convert in February. I didn't find Die at the girls' bathroom, but she did get to meet them and get autographs.

Well, later on I had a dream that Gackt was at Anime Expo, and I met his translator, whom I befriended, and she took me up to Gackt's room to meet him. And... I met him.

Well, I thought nothing of it until...

It was announced that SKIN, the superband of Yoshiki, Gackt, Sugizo, and *cringe* the MYV, is going to be at Anime Expo.

Well, how do you like THEM apples? XD
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Going to JRock Revolution May 25-26. I pwn.
Working to get room mates for Anime Expo. Not so pwn.
Have to write an essay in Japanese. Pwn desu.
Still don't have a job. That so not pwns.
Got the new D'espairsRay album from a friend for Christmas. Major pwnage.
Met a guy that asked for my phone number. Have yet to make a date. ^^

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Don't expect to see me at anymore Hellsing gatherings at AX.


Basically the gathering thread on C.com got into a debate on whether or not swastikas were the ultimate offense or just offensive like anything else, and whether or not it's acceptable to wear them outside of cosplay (not so much the convention area; i'm not that stupid), and even if it's acceptable to wear them IN cosplay for accuracy...

It had nothing to do with their opinions.

It kept coming back to wearing them defining the wearer as a sympathizer of Nazism if it's not part of a costume. Okay, sure. I can see your angle. Just don't freaking come at me with that when you're in FULL support of people that do dress in full garb. "Ooooh, well, it's a character, so it's okay."

That's bull shit.

You wear an armband, you're a supporter; You wear an entire uniform in the name of cosplay, you're not? Hah. I don't think so. By that logic, you should only cosplay a character with whom you identify with idealogically, and thusly, anyone that dresses as ANYONE from Millenium is a Nazi supporter. Does that fly? I don't think so.

So, because of one idiot that hides behind her heritage as an excuse to be offended by a cotton rag, I'm not going. Ever.
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I have Mars 2 and 3 now! BOO-YAH!

That is all. :D
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Day 3 )

Day 4 )

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I figure it'd be best if I write it out soon before I forget it all like last year... XD

Day 0 )

Day 1 )

Day 2 )

More later.

Anime Expo

Jun. 30th, 2006 12:50 pm
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K, in about 30 I'll be leaving for AX. I'll be in Artist Alley, and attending the Hellsing, Metal Gear Solid, Rum Partty, Gravitation, Deviant Art, and Original Character gatherings. Hope to see any of you there! <3

I also have a Goo Goo Dolls concert tonight XD w00t!
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K. AX is next week. No shit. o_O

Costumes for the year:
Enrico Maxwell of Hellsing (Crossfire edition)
Hiroshi Nagano of Gravitation (Manga edition)
Naomi Campbell of Metal Gear Solid
Almighty SPOOn (Nazi Pirate Bartender edition)

Status of each:
Maxwell required me to buy a pattern of a Priest Cassock. And black cloth. 7 yards of black cloth. o_O He's almost done. Need to sewing the lining in, hem it, and add the snaps. Mom sewed the sleeves on for me. D: They required ruffles. @_@

Hiroshi required a red, long sleeved button down. Good luck finding one of those in June. XD So, I bought a white shirt and decided to dye it. That was brilliant. Mom helped me out with that. We get the pot of water on the stove, and we're getting ready to test a piece of cloth out to see how the color goes on. She opens the bottle. Doesn't tell me that it's open, and has left the cap on the bottle, to boot. I grab the bottle and promptly shake it. :) Guess how THAT ended. XD Red concentrated dye all over the stove, and my shirt. Seriously, it looks like I slit my wrist or something while peeling potatos. XD It's great.

Naomi... I'm recycling the Otacon jacket. Need to find the clothes. I'll probably cheat though. Use black instead of what I figured to be brown. o_O Need shoes though.

SPOOn... Well, the Rum Party appointed me the official Nazi bartender this year, so I figured I'd just make that my SPOOn costume of the year. D: It works. :D

Artist Alley preparation is interesting. I did some color enhancements to two of my older prints. Working on one last one that I hopefully get done in time. I hope I do well this year. I want to try commissions. *nods*

Try my product?


May. 27th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Finals next week. Then I can concentrate on AX as much as I need. W00t. Have to sew my Maxwell costume, buy pieces for the others, and buh.

Goo Goo Dolls concert at the end of June. Going with Mom and Dad. ^_^ Oh, yeah, and it's the night before AX begins XDD

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