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Ok so the last time I went to PMX was 2004, its first year. There was no Artist Alley, and by the time there was, the convention had not grown. At all. If anything it shrank. It's still doing ok, but they haven't expanded much, partly because they changed dates a lot, and locations even more.

So registration for a table was a huuuuge cluster fuck but thankfully [profile] catnapcaps was splitting her table with me so we worked things out.

She came over the night before and we got ready with our merch and luggage. Drove over, checked in, got our badges, got our table, and started setting up a bit at a time. They had us starting to late in the day, it was weird. But they combined the swap meet with the artist alley so we got to sell all night, which was really nice. Also their tables were SO NARROW that they put two together and gave us more space than we usually get at cons. 8D

Had a lot of people come up to me asking about ALA since registration was going to go up the Monday after PMX, so that was interesting. ~_~

Lots of my ALA buddies were at the con, [profile] rebootable was actually able to make it and stayed in the room with us...

Nothing really spectacular happened, other than decent amounts of sleep. Sold a few things at the swap meet, found a Vagrant Story strategy guide for $5 (I was so excited!), and then a FF12 guide for ~$15. Those were my only purchases. The Dealer's Hall was... OK, but catered to Lolita and fashion more than anything else. There were a few manga booths but they had nothing I needed.

On Saturday [profile] sanjicat and I hung out for a bit and talked about rooming with Kevin from ALA Signage, for ALA.

I didn't do too well in sales but I mostly made back the cost of the con/hotel, the bulk of which CNC paid for since I was driving her. >_> Made a few new buddies though :3

Rebootable took CNC home on Sunday and that was that. 3 days of PMX, over.
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K so uhm holidays and stuff. Happened. Blah.



New (free) printer.

Doll money OMG.

More holidays.

Imperative Reaction concert, New Year's.

Getting ready for ALA.

I'll update later. On all of it, in theory.
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So I'm gonna call it.

Quote of the Year goes to Tacce:

"How do you plagiarize a fucking APPLE?!"
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Leaving on Thursday. Making my pirate tunic with Mom's help/supervision tomorrow. No time to make pants, so I'll be wearing grey crops instead. They still look good ^^

Half of my clothes for the weekend are on the floor awaiting packing.
Need to get drugs, make one last set of prints, find the printer CD so that I can install it onto my laptop ON THE RARE CHANCE that I run out of prints. Pfff. I've done that once and yeah. That was a fluke. But whatever.

I'm this close to giving up Artist Alleys. I want to give A-kon's a shot, but that's it. I think I'll quit kidding myself after that.

See ya.
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by ~rivetspoon on deviantART

Even though she's quite secular >> Anyway.

Enjoy! She'll be at ALA next month. :D
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Who the flying foxtrot signed me up for the Publications, Signs AND PROGRAM BOOK mailing lists and didn't even have the courtesy to ASK ME or even put me on DIGEST MODE? SERIOUSLY.

Screw you. I'm not part of Program Book and barely part of Publications.


Head of Artists' Alley
Signage assistant
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*quietly orders belt buckles for her doll* I ordered 10 and paid $12 at one site when I could have ordered 10 and paid $10 at another, but the second site is badly managed.

Uhmm... Hm. Trevor's condition is still fluctuating. He's not bouncing back like he had been. Saw a giant goober of snot on his nose, though, so the sneezing might stop.

I had to draw different skulls for Anthropology. :O

Went to Club Skandal with Hannah for Halloween. I dressed as a priest. No pictures.

Yessi painted Satochi's portrait for me with watercolors. :D I love it.

Got the seating chart for Artists' Alley all done. Will be posting that soon.

Date on Saturday and my sister+niece are coming to visit :D

The end.


Oct. 8th, 2009 01:17 pm
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Wahahahahaha all three tests of the week are DONE. Artists' Alley has stopped melting so it can go back in the freezer shortly, and now.


*goes back to translating Mucc blogs*
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This one won't be as long as my concert reports, promise. XD

Clicky! )

Friday )

Saturday )
More later.


Jan. 1st, 2009 11:05 am
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Leaving for ALA in about 30 minutes.

Back Sunday night.

Check [livejournal.com profile] incoherants's journal for Cosplay photos :D
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Animé Los Angeles' Artists' Alley frickin' doubled in size since this year, and SOLD OUT in less than 24 hours! HOLY CRAPS. That didn't happen last year! It took nearly a month to sell out. WTF. O_O;;;;;; I don't know whom to give credit... I mean, I spammed the hell out of the thing, but...

Holy shits...


Jan. 30th, 2008 06:30 pm
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It's been a while since I've actually updated...

Let's see.

Been taking Japanese classes alongside Photography. I have Color photo this spring, and then I get my certificate. <3 I'll take Japanese 3 in the Fall, helping [livejournal.com profile] flaming_loffel while she takes Japanese 2 during the Spring.

Still don't have a job. D: Gay. I really need to call the photographers in the area and see if they need assistants. Of the 3, only one lists an address, and I seriously have no idea what to say over the phone... Any ideas?

The first Chapter of MidnighTokyo was sent off to Japan for the competition, just a few days shy of Christmas. I was tired of it and glad to be done, I am not kidding. But I like it. I'm proud of it, and I'm confident that it'll do well. Especially since I had a dream that it did. ^-^

ALA came and went, and I already updated with that.

Ari and I are working out details for Anime Expo. If anyone is going and needs a place to stay, let us know. We're always looking for roommates.

December 30th, my sister cut my hair. For those that don't know me too well, I had been growing my hair out since July 2002, when it was just above chin-length. It was at my butt by the time my sister hacked it off, and now it's roughly shoulder length. So, that was a major thing to us. Five and a half years of my life is now tied up in a Ziplock to either be sold or made into extensions. I'm also pretty interested in getting an Iple House Doll (Soo Ri, in particular), and would consider making a wig out of my leftovers, as well. But that's down the line.

And then a very tiny thing: Gackt killed my car radio. Right after Thanksgiving, I was driving to school and went over... not even a pothole. A large imperfection in the asphalt on the interchange, and my radio skipped while playing "Vanilla." Not only did it skip, but all buttons ceased to respond. And after hitting Reset, the radio pretty much spiraled down into electronic death. This radio, like my hair, was in my life for 5 and a half years. I loved it, it was the best radio that I could have asked for, for that price. And it was even a conversation piece. Well, it was dead and obsolete and beyond repair. Got a new one though, and it was installed right after the semester ended. Nowhere near as cool and nowhere near as handy to use, but it is easy to use, it isn't ugly, and it plays MP3s. XD My old one didn't do that.

Gackt is no longer allowed inside my car. Furthermore, this CD in question was literally pried out of the radio with pliers and a screwdriver and promptly thrown into the microwave for a 20-second victory celebration.
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It's about time that I updated with this. D:

K, so after getting back from my sister's on New Year's Day since Chazzle those that shall not be named moved our signage/bag stuffing day to the first, Ari and I high-tailed it to Granola Hills at like... 6 pm since traffic was just PEACHY between Arizona and California. But we got there and helped Evan get the signs put together and whatnot.

Did whatever on Wednesday.

On to the Convention! )

A great con, all in all, as it tends to be. Things will go more smoothly this year meetings-wise, hopefully. Enjoy!
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Animé Los Angeles.

Can't talk now.

Going Insane.


See you Monday.


Jan. 18th, 2006 08:51 pm
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I have a new icon. :D

School starts around St. Valentine's Day.
Taking Intermediate Photo, Digital Photo, and Beginning Drawing. Why Beginning Drawing? Because I like the teacher. ^^
That's 9 units, 4 mornings a week; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Working hopefully 30 hours a week.

I'm going to AnimeLA with Mandy and David. I'll be volunteering.

February 3rd I have a concert with Jarred, his friend, and Atari. It's Tiger Army and Imperative Reaction. If we can't get tickets, we'll just go to a club.

Kyle got me on a PETA kick; I'm going to try and switch most of my products (soaps, shampoos, household cleaners) over to those that don't test on animals. What's the point of that? Well, there isn't a goverment mandate that says companies need to test on animals. That said, animal testing in and of itself is inconclusive and to a point, utterly useless for us as humans. Testing liquids on a rabbit's eye tells us nothing in regards to what it'll do to ours, as a rabbit's eye is virtually nothing like ours. Our skin has certain sensitivities that animals' don't, and vice versa. What burns their skin might be fine on ours. With that in mind, even if a product kills, burns, maims, or blinds an animal, they can still market it: They've tested it, and it's ok to market it.
And yes, there are other methods for testing products. Methods that involve human skin cells (or even stem cells), and not living, breathing, animals that are dissimilar to us. They're expensive, but they won't always be, and supporting the companies that use alternative methods will make it more profitable in the end. And there is a list of said companies.

*scratches head* I think that's about it.


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