Feb. 17th, 2012 02:52 pm
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Ok so I'm obviously still obsessing over dolls, but I'm almost done with the ones I really want to have, and that's a good thing!

So right now I'm working on Mikki and I have a head decided on. I'm 95% sure on the body but don't have it yet, and I'm also considering performing some severe modifications to his head. But I have to wait for the body so that I don't screw up the proportions. D8

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After this I just need to find an Issa doll.
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So I borrowed pants from my friend's dad so that I could construct a pattern from them. Unfortunately this requires me man-handling the area where his baby-maker goes, and I can't help but feel weird about it. X(

The things I do for dolls.


Feb. 9th, 2011 01:46 am
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Haydn's shipping! I should have a 6 pound hunk of Brad Pitt Resin home in about a week. :DD
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K so uhm holidays and stuff. Happened. Blah.



New (free) printer.

Doll money OMG.

More holidays.

Imperative Reaction concert, New Year's.

Getting ready for ALA.

I'll update later. On all of it, in theory.


Dec. 5th, 2009 06:33 pm
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So on the Doll community forum, Den of Angels, there's a user there that... well, I'm sure there are several like her, but she pops up in a lot of my threads of choice. If she doesn't like a doll, or a resin quality, or in this recent case an OUTFIT for a company-specific doll, Ooooh, it's AWFUL. STAY AWAY FROM IT. YOU'LL REGRET IT. THE DESIGNERS CAN'T DRESS THEMSELVES.

Specifically this outfit.
"Oooh but what about THAT outfit? OMG it's sooo 1940s. *head smack* You HAVE TO WONDER who DRESSES the DESIGNERS..."

Is that necessary? Really? Ok, you don't like it. It's fine to voice that, but do you really have to go that far? It's not like the fashion is bad, just... HOLY SHIT IT'S NOT MODERN/GOTH/PREPPY/TRENDY. AWWWWFUUUUULLLLLL!!!!!
FFS, I find the damn thing adorable. It screams Indiana Jones to me. :D

Do people just get off on being so judgmental and insulting? Cutting others down for having specific taste? I'm sorry; your opinion is not gold. Go pull the stick out of your ass and let others enjoy stuff as they want to.

Tee hee!

Nov. 23rd, 2009 03:48 pm
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I have little 5/8" silver buckles for Hayvn. :D I got 10 of them so hopefully I will start making her some bondage/rivet clothes.
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*quietly orders belt buckles for her doll* I ordered 10 and paid $12 at one site when I could have ordered 10 and paid $10 at another, but the second site is badly managed.

Uhmm... Hm. Trevor's condition is still fluctuating. He's not bouncing back like he had been. Saw a giant goober of snot on his nose, though, so the sneezing might stop.

I had to draw different skulls for Anthropology. :O

Went to Club Skandal with Hannah for Halloween. I dressed as a priest. No pictures.

Yessi painted Satochi's portrait for me with watercolors. :D I love it.

Got the seating chart for Artists' Alley all done. Will be posting that soon.

Date on Saturday and my sister+niece are coming to visit :D

The end.


Aug. 30th, 2009 04:35 pm
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*goes back to sewing a 1/4 sized hoodie*
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Apparently units have been $20, and they just went up to $26 this semester. I just paid the outstanding $137 that the system neglected to inform me of. 9 units for a grand total of $227. Thing is, they took down the "purchase parking" option. o_O Is that now included in the cost? We'll find out.

In other news, there was something that I had neglected to mention regarding Anime Expo: I met a guy.

Apparently the only reason that he'd approached me was because he saw Hayvn's Imperative Reaction Tshirt. Hoh shit, we like the same kind of music. Then he recognized my family name, which is a very rare name. We know nearly everyone that has it, it's that rare. He doesn't have it, but his aunt used to be married to our family. So, that got us talking on a few things. Long story short, his name is Cory and we have a little too much in common. XD Sadly he lives 6 hours away, but he'll be down in September and we'll spend some time together without an artist alley table between us and the hustle and bustle of convention life surrounding us. X3 I'm a little excited; I'm not head over heels for him or anything, but that's because I had a lot going on. He, on the other hand, feels that I was the only good thing to come out of his trip to Anime Expo, so he had more time to reflect.

Anyway, maybe we can go clubbing. If not we'll find something "normal" to do. XD

Dolly spam

Jul. 12th, 2009 01:00 am
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Had our first photo shoot today ^-^


Dress made by me, boots from Ebay. Eyes are from Dollmore and the wig from Luts.
*runs away*
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Leaving in the morning.

Back Sunday night.

Will answer Meme requests when I get back and can actually think some on it. :3

Expect photos of Hayvn with her new eyeballs!!
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I mean uh yeah.

Lessee... Saturday I went on a date and saw Up. It's awesome, but a bit of a tear jerker; so if you haven't seen it, be prepared for that.

Sunday I made some knee length shorts for Hayvn. They look like microscopic Dickies. X3 I'll get some photos when they're 100% done.

Monday I was supposed to do my yoga final after having slept through the last day of class on the 8th. X| So I showed up and pretended like I was going to take the class, as she'd suggested, and then she told me that since I showed up, I didn't have to do it. D: I nearly fell to the floor and kissed her feet.
After that was [ profile] sanjicat's birthday party dinner out in Brea, so I grabbed [ profile] zombiequeens and we headed out there. After dinner, we all learned a little known fact about the Underground Railroad: It was a viable form of terrorism. Comparable to blowing up buildings. Did you all know that? We didn't. Yes, I'm being facetious.

Tuesday, [ profile] firenaux asked me to drive him home from school XD So I hung out with them and watched [ profile] zombiequeens play Silent Hill Homecoming. My Dog that game is an orgasm a frame. AND PYRAMID HEAD WAWHDHDFJY90W43R89375U3IHEFDISHFKJHDS F *dies* I'm gonna get the Wii Silent Hill when it comes out (more like when it's $20) and then we can like... be each other's BFFLs.
When I got home I tried my online Anthropology class. After taking the first quiz and failing to understand how the Powerpoints went with the assigned lectures, I dropped the class. I have enough stress these next 8 days; I don't need to make more by watching 5 lectures, hoping they're the right ones, reading 6 chapters in the book, and taking 5 quizzes. ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE that needs to get done for AX.

And then today I made a T-shirt for Hayvn. :D I need to hem the sleeves and bottom but I painted Imperative Reaction's old logo on it. Dude. It is epic. I have enough scrap to make another one but I'm not sure who to put on it. I only have white and yellow fabric paint for the while. :/ I'll try to run to Joann's and find white knit fabric and get some red paint while I'm there.
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So I went to a Doll meet at Victoria Gardens today. Yesterday. Wetf. I'd just finished a kimono for Hayvn, and right before I left I glued in some eyelashes and cheapo deluxe D Eye Ys for her eyeballs. :> She was complete!

Go here for the photo gallery!

When I did the head swap with cake4me's Ryushin, however, I saw that her eyes had... melted. MELTED. @_@ Apparently the glue I'd used has ACETONE IN IT. Acetone is like... the kiss of death alongside oil as far as resin is concerned. I saved the irises and lenses, but the whites were DEAD. And while trying to scrape the glue out, my fingernails started slicing away at her resin and OMFG @___________@ DIAF GLUE. JUST DIAF.

She's okay, though. :> Minimal damage. But after seeing her with eyes in, I want to open her eyes a little more. This means I can probably get rid of her tear! :D
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Okay, so Hayvn came to me like this.
Some resin webbing inside the eyelids, but not completely across. This is her Dreaming state, how I received her and how she was when she was sent out from Korea.

With the aid of an Xacto Knife, I carved the webbing out. This resulted in how she has been for the last two months.
Still Dreaming but with a tiny gap all the way across. I'd held off on opening them because I only wanted her to be what's called "Gentle," only partially open. This sort of thing is typically achieved with a Dremel, but I wanted to keep the little crease on her eyelids. So I came up with the idea of steaming her eyelids open, and nobody was able to give me feedback on that. So I did it myself tonight. o_o;

It worked. Sorta. The problem that resulted was that the wedge I had wasn't thin enough to go into the larger gap and keep her lid open while I steamed the other eye open (if it's not propped open, it'll just shut again as it warms up; it proved that to me twice XP). I was using an Xacto blade to push the lids open but the blade wasn't wide enough to cover the entirety of the lid, resulting in poor weight/pressure distribution. After a few attempts, this gave me a tiny tiny TINY tear in her eyelid, at which point I stopped with the experiment. I gave her some more steam and let her eyes go back to their original state.

Sighing quietly, I sat down and took the Xacto blade and just shave the eye lids away a thin layer at a time. I lost the crease that I loved, but I minimized the tear. It's still there and I'll try filing it down tomorrow, but here she is now.

Voila! Gentle Harin! :D The tear is on the right eye lid, near the outside corner (our far left). My biggest concern is how it'll handle face-ups, since it is a legitimate tear in the resin. I'm not sure what my options are past filing it down to flushness. Anyway.

Harin defaults with 14mm eyes, and I have 12, 14, and 16 D. Eye. Y eyes. I tried both the 14 and 12 eyes.
12 on the left and 14 on the right. I'm not sure how these will measure up in comparison to regular eyeballs, but the 14mm irises are huge. o_o The 12's look fine but they have gaps on the sides; maybe the eye putty will remedy that.
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Corona man held in stabbing deaths of his 2 daughters

This happened..... OOOOOHHH.... 2 miles west of my neighborhood? Down the street from one of the grocery stores we go to.

Gave Hayvn a bath today and made a set of muslin pants for her. They're about two inches (6 inches in human scale!) too wide for her and two inches too short ^^ But other than that the pattern's nice. So I'll tweak that and make her some jeans, then set to work on some Band T-shirts for her.
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She has a wig now!

Pictures tonight. ^________________________________________________________^

I'm gonna try to braid it.

Leaving for Arizona tomorrow morning. Coming back Saturday night.

I knoooooow she looks like she's got jaundice. DX The pastels I mixed were a lot yellower on her than on the paper I mixed them on. When I open her eyes I'll make her rosier. :D
Eyes will be ordered on the 15th this month, and then... they should be here by June.
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Joann's had a Simplicity pattern sale for $0.99 this weekend so I went and got a few patterns for Hayvn. ^^ I got ones that I'd want for myself, too, so expect some new outfits for me :D Like black slacks that fit my fat thighs and ass.

I got this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one, which I'm working with right now for the Renn Faire doll gathering at the end of the month. Basically, since she's so small, I take the diagram that shows the pieces I'll need for the project, scan it in and scale it up a bit depending on the pieces, and print it out.

Not as easy as it sounds, because I've found that the pieces aren't to scale with one another. The blouse front and back are to scale to each other, but the sleeve is at half scale by comparison, the skirt probably a third, etc. etc. Fortunately, the bodice aside, this is a pattern of mostly rectangles, so it's not much of a brain teaser to figure out. The gothy costume one looks like it might be close to scale, because it has so few pieces, but I'll find out eventually.

Tomorrow's Easter. We're gonna spend the day with Gramma and I'll introduce her to Hayvn and all her white skin nakedness. XD And try making a few more mock-up pieces while I'm there. X3 I'm so excited! I'm gonna have a doll with clothes! XD Make-up will come after that since her eyes are still shut.

Oh, and I'm on Spring Break finally. Sorta. It's technically Monday.
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I got the head back in early March, and the body arrived Friday. So here are some highlights of the box opening. :D

Onward! )

The end!


Apr. 6th, 2009 03:59 pm
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So, the doll arrived Friday, but nobody was there to claim her so my neighbor took her. I had to wait all weekend and endure yoga class waiting to see her. XP (Yoga requires focus and a clear mind, so... yeah. Not happening. Though I actually did okay)

Mom and Dad had a reenactment this past weekend and had left Thursday but Mom got sick and came home. Friday I dropped stuff off for Dad and tried to swing by the office to see if I could pick up the doll but our neighbor had already left. So, Mom stayed home all weekend.

Saturday was the Elfdoll Easter gathering. I took Yessi and Julie and we had a blast seeing everyone again and molesting all the dollies.

Sunday Mom was feeling better and we went to help Dad tear down the White House and load of the trailer. Had other people helping us, too, so we got it all done in like 3 hours, which is amazing. The sun was still up! XD Went for pizza with everyone and then went home.

So now I have my little girl. I swapped heads and boxed up the pretty one after taking pictures, and then I dressed her in the outfit I got at the last Elfdoll gathering's lottery. This brand is clearly not meant for Iplehouse girls, because she can't sit in the pants without them coming undone AND showing off her butt cleavage, and the tank top sits weird on her because of her boobs not hanging that low or something. Basically she gets massive top-cleavage, too. But whatev. I'll make clothes for her myself. ^^ Next I have to open her eyes though. Oh, and her magnets keep popping out of the sockets so her head cap won't stay on now that it's got stuff in it. :(

But I'll post pictures tonight. :D

Dolly news

Mar. 20th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Is this not delicious?

Actually, he looks less scrumptious in those photos and resin color than he did in the LE version. But that could just be the face up(s) and photography talking. He still looks like Brad Pitt, and Haydn still looks like Brad Pitt. XP I just wonder if he'll still be that handsome with white skin. o_o I know I don't like those face-ups on him. :|

And I swear that he looks like he's on the Model Body, not the Super Hero Body.

Anyway, I still need to get the girl body :( First thing's first.


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