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Ari had a dream that she got to meet Dir en Grey. I also got to meet them with her, but she met them first. Well, that came true. She met them at the convert in February. I didn't find Die at the girls' bathroom, but she did get to meet them and get autographs.

Well, later on I had a dream that Gackt was at Anime Expo, and I met his translator, whom I befriended, and she took me up to Gackt's room to meet him. And... I met him.

Well, I thought nothing of it until...

It was announced that SKIN, the superband of Yoshiki, Gackt, Sugizo, and *cringe* the MYV, is going to be at Anime Expo.

Well, how do you like THEM apples? XD
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So I survived two weekends working for Momo Sushi.
Meiko and Katsu are of course wonderful.
Take is awesome.
Teresa is fun.
Yoko is a sweetheart.
Haruna.... is a bitch. ^^

I'm not sure if it's racism, or if she's afraid I'll take her place. But she seriously was giving me attitude all night, almost strictly because I was white rice.
"We don't do it THAT way; we do it the JapanESE way."
Shit. I've been working with Yoko and Take, who are more Japanese than you, and they didn't have one problem with how I did things. In fact, I got compliments for how well I did things on my first few nights.

Anyway. Haruna is probably my only problem. ... I lie. The Korean ladies in the kitchen are my other problem. ^^ Yoko doesn't even like them. But Yoko didn't get to see one of them burn my finger Sunday night. :O She handed me a naked Udon bowl. (That means the piping hot ceramic bowl had no plate underneath when she handed it to me. Was she using pot holders? No. She held it by the very lip of the bowl and the base.) I grabbed it. It hurt. I gave it back to her. I nearly stuffed my hand into the ice machine.

It stole a lot of precious homework time from me, but I got paid well for it, and it was worth it if only for the company. Rephrase. The money made up for the time lost. I would have worked for free if final projects weren't an issue.

That and our Dir en Grey tickets are sitting by the calendar, waiting for the 23rd of February to roll around. ^__________________^ I'm stoked.
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I guess you guys are due for an update. O_o

So, St. Patty's day I was gonna go to a drinking party with a Co-worker from Albertson's and get wasted a block away from my own house, and call Dad if it got that bad, but when I went to work at Game Stop that night, one of my co-workers there was going to throw a Game Stop-only bash and had invited me to come. Being that I actually knew everyone that worked in our store, I had no problem going there, as I would feel a lot safer with them. So I called Niki, the Albertson's one, and told her I had too much homework and couldn't make it (not too much of a lie, I just didn't do my homework ^^;;), and then I called Dad to tell him the venue had changed. XD

So, I brought my 12-pack of Triple Black over to Tu's place, and I was the only other Game Stop employee that could/wanted to come, so it was Tu, his roommate, his girlfriend, and me, all crammed into the living watching Space Balls, chugging Triple Black and beer, and yakking with Tu's cousin over the phone. That was about 10:30-11:30. I chugged down a double whopper, fries, and three Triple Blacks in 45 minutes.

Once 11:30 hit, we popped in Call of Duty 2 and proceeded to massacre one another, the two losers having to take essentially 3/4 a bottle of Triple Black, and I lost all three rounds. So, basically, I chugged 5 Smirnoffs inside 90 minutes. My stomach. Was. FULL. I was so miserable, and I wasn't digesting quickly enough, so my stomach decided if it wasn't going that way, it was going the other way, and the guys got a kick out of hearing me vomit so cleanly into the toilet. After two spews, I stood up, rinsed off, and was back on the couch and chugging back my sixth and final Smirnoff for the evening. Kip, our boss, happened to call Tu in order to remind him he had to work at the mall the next morning, and Tu told him about missing out on me getting hammered, and poor Kip wished he had been there to see it, because I was probably the second to last person he would have expected that from. ^_^ Then he insisted that Tu not let me drive home, and quite frankly, while I would have probably made it safely home, my luck I would have been randomly pulled over, and that would not go over well. So, I agreed to stay over.

After that, the boys and I stayed up untill 2:30 bullshitting about ghosts and crap, and then I slept on the couch, got up at 7 AM, drove home, went to school, came home, and went to work. XD

And then tonight was the Dir en Grey concert. It was fun. Took Ari, and Gainax Boy met us there. We ended up moving to the back of the floor area so that we could actually SEE the stage, what a concept, and I had enough room to dance around. Bought the official copy of Gauze and Macabre, the freaky Kyo shirt, and then after the show we ate at Carl's Jr. and averaged 80 all the way home. ^_^

The end.


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