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At about 1 in the morning a semi-truck cab pulled in front of our house and parked. No trailer. We're not near a truck route and there's nothing immediately by us that would warrant a semi in the area.
After an hour or two I called the cops. They came and checked it out, and left. I didn't request confirmation so I had no idea what was going on, but trusted their judgment. But apparently they were as perplexed as I was.

Turns out it was my dad's cousin stopping by, unannounced.

With his 18 month old Dachsie.

So we locked our 18 year old cat upstairs with food, but no litter box.


Because Dad thought now would be a good time to wash the thing.
So he basically told our geriatric cat that even though she's highly stressed about this stupid puppy tearing through the house, even though she has kidney problems, even though she goes to the bathroom a LOT especially on hot days (and today is a hot day), that she couldn't go to the bathroom for a few hours.

Thankfully she was considerate enough to pee on the bathroom rug and not the bed or the carpet. Some of his clothes would have been better, but she did pee on his side of the rug. :D

FTR we have a smaller spare litter box and while he was hosing off the regular one I filled up and dropped off the spare for her.
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And here I thought Zin was gonna take forever.
Akira is kicking my ass. But he looks so freakin' good doin' it so it's mildly okay. I have half of his hair, his horns, and his belt, and then I'm done with his top half. After that it's onto the legs, boots, and tail!

And then I get to do the background..... FFFF

In related news, I've had this Wacom Intuos for nearly ten years. I got it my junior year in high school, and I'm class of '02. I'm still on the original pen nib, but Now alluva sudden I think I should change it since it's no longer... round. For the first time in a decade, I can't find the replacements. :||||

Also, I haven't said anything in a while: Trevor's doing fine. He's got some mucus-related breathing issues, but he's still on Potassium (6ml a day), and we've gotten him a fourth kind of antibiotic which he still hates but wtfe, cat. If I get this stuff in my mouth, I don't mind at all. >:D (Also it seems to be helping better than the other stuff did, WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HOW IT TASTES TO ME). And past all that he's actually doing fairly well! He's 17 so he's not a spring chicken anymore (nor is he grooming) but he's social, he eats, he cuddles with us a LOT, and he goes outside still.

Oh, and we're closing my parents' office down this month. Thank you, Carter/Bush1/Clinton/Bush2/Obama administration. I blame all of you for this, because you're the ones that didn't see a problem with giving loans to people that couldn't afford them. And then of course we all blame the banks/lenders/evil brokers when these people have to foreclose on their homes because SURPRISE they can't make the payments. How dare they expect these people to pay their debts like responsible adults!
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My folks are going through expenses and doing number crunching right now.

HUD basically says that they can't do FHA loans, which is half their business if not more. The reasoning: They don't make enough money, so therefore they must be scammers.
I would like you to think that over a moment.
They make less. LESS. than $250,000 a year, so therefore they're possible scammers.


I interpret it this way: You make less than $250,000 a year. If you are a scammer, you're not a very good one, and therefore when we become the only source of loans, you won't be very useful to us.
Note: FHA got a bailout because they failed at running their business, yet my folks are being held accountable and if they screw up, TOO BAD SO SAD. NO $$ FOR YOU.

ANYWAY. They'll be closing their shop next year and they're trying to figure out what expenses we have and will need to cover and how best to go about that.
With no formal education. :D Yay.


Sep. 13th, 2009 10:46 am
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Heading home from my sister's today. Yes, I have a sister. :b Only half of one, but still. Anyway, we watched the DC rally yesterday. Official estimates range anywhere from 60,000 to 2 million, depending on who you ask. ;D Oh, and the DC police suggested 1.2 million, despite the street and traffic cams being turned off. There were about 1,000 at the Temecula rally that my dad went to. My niece is sick or we would have gone to the rally in Phoenix. Maybe. I mean, it was only 106 F there XP

Re: the class, my Speech teach told us to e-mail him Thursday night about our wait list status. I either e-mailed him Thursday night or Friday mor.... Friday afternoon. *nods* I did it after we arrived at my sister's. About 8 pm he got back to me about my status, telling me that I was in. I didn't get that e-mail until Saturday morning, however, and by then apparently the registration had closed. I told him my situation and he just told me that tomorrow he'd talk to the Dean about an appeal. T^T Why I care so much is that I have this semester's classes and then one last class before I can leave. He told me that they're not offering this class in the Winter, and I need this class to transfer in the Spring. (As Mom pointed out, how many people beg to get into a Speech class? XP) Cross your fingers!!

My sister bleached my roots yesterday but we didn't do the dying, so I have orange bangs with blonde roots, and chocolate hair with copper roots. It's quite interesting. :D

Probably going to buy a Neo Genesis 27 copy when I get back, from a girl in the UK. >> Seeing hers up for sale made me realize how much I liked that MUCC photoshoot. Siiigh, Satochi and Miya in tight pants... There's one up for grabs on eBay for $35; hers I can get for $25 and it's in good condition. :D Anyway...

I need to get dressed and pack up to leave now. See you in 8 hours? D: @_@
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So, our vet had to do some digging around and asking of experts.

Trevor has elevated protein levels (we discovered this at the time of the potassium thing). By "elevated" we mean they're roughly 40x what they should be. Yeah. 40. The proteins are coming from his body attacking his muscles. Clearly this isn't common in cats. Basically his is a condition that's found more often in people than in cats, but it's not like it can't happen. BUUUUT. Bottom line is that it can be a tumor near his digestive system. Malignant or benign, we dunno. But the tumor theory is just that: a theory.

So, then, the vet gave us some testing options: We could have the $1000 .... whatever scan, the $500 MRI scan, or the far more accurate $30 blood test that has $45 shipping to Tennessee.

I shit you not, he gave that list of options to my mom to pick from.
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Remember how I'd said that Trevor was doing better thanks to the potassium?

Well, Mom was terrified that if we gave him too much, his heart would stop. So, instead of giving it to him Once a day instead of twice, Hey, let's stop altogether! He's doing better anyway!

He can't walk again. HMMM. What a concept.
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She has a wig now!

Pictures tonight. ^________________________________________________________^

I'm gonna try to braid it.

Leaving for Arizona tomorrow morning. Coming back Saturday night.

I knoooooow she looks like she's got jaundice. DX The pastels I mixed were a lot yellower on her than on the paper I mixed them on. When I open her eyes I'll make her rosier. :D
Eyes will be ordered on the 15th this month, and then... they should be here by June.


Apr. 6th, 2009 03:59 pm
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So, the doll arrived Friday, but nobody was there to claim her so my neighbor took her. I had to wait all weekend and endure yoga class waiting to see her. XP (Yoga requires focus and a clear mind, so... yeah. Not happening. Though I actually did okay)

Mom and Dad had a reenactment this past weekend and had left Thursday but Mom got sick and came home. Friday I dropped stuff off for Dad and tried to swing by the office to see if I could pick up the doll but our neighbor had already left. So, Mom stayed home all weekend.

Saturday was the Elfdoll Easter gathering. I took Yessi and Julie and we had a blast seeing everyone again and molesting all the dollies.

Sunday Mom was feeling better and we went to help Dad tear down the White House and load of the trailer. Had other people helping us, too, so we got it all done in like 3 hours, which is amazing. The sun was still up! XD Went for pizza with everyone and then went home.

So now I have my little girl. I swapped heads and boxed up the pretty one after taking pictures, and then I dressed her in the outfit I got at the last Elfdoll gathering's lottery. This brand is clearly not meant for Iplehouse girls, because she can't sit in the pants without them coming undone AND showing off her butt cleavage, and the tank top sits weird on her because of her boobs not hanging that low or something. Basically she gets massive top-cleavage, too. But whatev. I'll make clothes for her myself. ^^ Next I have to open her eyes though. Oh, and her magnets keep popping out of the sockets so her head cap won't stay on now that it's got stuff in it. :(

But I'll post pictures tonight. :D

AIM woes

Dec. 4th, 2008 09:12 pm
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I swear to the Avatar, people... I'm busy.More bitching. )

I'd post happier posts, but... I'm not Japanese and don't have a cell phone that can blog XP So once the blog-worthy happy-stance is done, I don't really care enough to blog about it. I'm actually quite happy these days. I get to see MUCC next week, I finally have an educational goal and job idea that could actually come into fruition, I actually have a social life that's not emotionally and intellectually draining, I have friends that don't make me feel like shit for being myself in front of them... It's refreshing. Veronica went back to Okinawa but she calls me every so often :D Makes me smile to gab with her for an hour or two like we used to.
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Doesn't seem as bad as the last time, but I am still technically sick.

Having some personal issues to work through.

Off to Arizona for the weekend, come Thursday.


Mar. 26th, 2008 04:23 pm
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Somebody make the dollar stop sucking...
For the first time EVAR in the history of my ordering from CDJapan.
My Yen total was less than my dollar total. SADNESS Y3700 = $37.75 DO NOT WANT FO RIZZLE

Also, my dad and I were accused of being terrorists the other day. It was awesome, and I wasn't even there for it XD
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My sister just bleached the underside of my hair. XD

My bangs are next to get frosted.


I didn't get my bangs frosted; from Bleaching to coloring to trimming, it took 3-4 hours and it was 11pm by the time she finished snipping.

But it still looks cool. You can't even tell I have blonde in my hair if I leave it down.
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It's about time that I updated with this. D:

K, so after getting back from my sister's on New Year's Day since Chazzle those that shall not be named moved our signage/bag stuffing day to the first, Ari and I high-tailed it to Granola Hills at like... 6 pm since traffic was just PEACHY between Arizona and California. But we got there and helped Evan get the signs put together and whatnot.

Did whatever on Wednesday.

On to the Convention! )

A great con, all in all, as it tends to be. Things will go more smoothly this year meetings-wise, hopefully. Enjoy!
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So lats night I took my sister to Club Skandal because she really wanted to go out with me. And my "I took her" I mean, she drove and paid, I directed her to where it was. XP

We came home from Grandma's, ate a little bit, changed, and went on our way. We were a half hour after doors opened, and nobody was dancing. Oh, well. We got drinks and sat. I liked the music that was playing, but I wasn't familiar with it, so there was no way in hell I was gonna dance by myself to songs I didn't know at all. Finally, something I recognized was on and I got up and danced around a little. I was wearing a white shirt underneath black lights, so I kinda stuck out despite how dark the corner was. XD Sat back down when I realized I was still out of shape/exhausted/overheating.

It was at least 10pm by the time anyone else started dancing. And by that, I mean ONE PERSON was on the floor. I got up and joined him, and soon the guy that I later dubbed the "Rooster Dancer" joined in, and then a few more guys finally got the sticks out of their asses. :D

It took a couple of drinks to get my sister to dance; she was very insecure about fitting in and not looking like an idiot (she already felt weird with how she was dressed compared to the fishnets and chains and spikes and corsets that everyone else had on); but she finally went out and we danced together and she got comfortable fairly quickly.

The DJ had a hard-on for "Deutschmaschine" by And One, and ended up playing it three times that night, along with "Panzermensch". X3 And One is awesome; they can get any party started.

Saw a couple people from Tremors before it died; one didn't recognize me, I didn't recognize the other one, but booooy did he know me. ^^;;; His spiked bracelet smacked my hand when it came flying off of him, and then we started talking when I went to the bar to get a drink. He was the bouncer that one night at Tremors and even remembered me introducing myself as "SPOOn," so... *shrugs* He was amusing. ^^

Then my sister and I left for food and went home. She had fun, which makes me happy. :3
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Christmas went well. Grandma came down and spent the weekend with us (that's always interesting; she finally decided to get one of her eyes fixed, so now she can SEE omgf, but she still can't hear for shit, so 90% of the time there was, "HUH?" followed by louder versions to what was just said).

I had a christmas party at Momo Sushi, which involved many drunk Asians and Karaoke. >:D Katsu and I did a duet of "Yesterday" ^______^ Didn't get home until 3am.

Had breakfast on Monday morning, then we opened presents:

  • The Little Mermaid DVD (amongst various TLM goodies from the grocery store :DD)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVD
  • A CD holder from IKEA, which now houses all of my JRock and makes more room for the Industrial CD holder. XD
  • A pocket knife just like my dad's and grandpa's.
  • Malice Mizer re-releases (have yet to be delivered)
  • Portable DVD player (and a hair dryer, while we're on the subject of Portable)
  • A wallet (with money inside!)
  • Disturbed's "Ten Thousand Fists"
  • ...and a lot of little things.

More to come after we visit my sister in Arizona. :3

And then dinner, which was fairly unorganized. Four things needed the oven, and we have One oven. So, the five of us danced around each other in the kitchen and backyard, utilizing the Oven, the Stove, the Toaster Oven, the Turkey Fryer, and the Barbeque, and in only a couple hours, dinner was served. ^^

And then we watched The Little Mermaid because, as many hundreds of times I'd watched it as a child, she'd never seen it. D:!
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I figure it'd be best if I write it out soon before I forget it all like last year... XD

Day 0 )

Day 1 )

Day 2 )

More later.


May. 27th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Finals next week. Then I can concentrate on AX as much as I need. W00t. Have to sew my Maxwell costume, buy pieces for the others, and buh.

Goo Goo Dolls concert at the end of June. Going with Mom and Dad. ^_^ Oh, yeah, and it's the night before AX begins XDD

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10% Yankee

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0% Midwestern

yoinked from Mandy

What NERV Child Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.


May. 18th, 2006 12:12 am
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E3 was great - got to see the guys again, which I always love. Had my first date on Friday during the class field trip, which didn't end until 9pm, and then the MKO guys called me and asked if I wanted to see Poseidon with them, and my date came along. ^_^ That took us until midnight, we said good-bye, and I went back to the hotel with the boys and said good-bye to them for the year. Went home at 1am, got there at 2, went to sleep.

Yesterday one of our pipes underground popped from corrosion, so we went without water in the house for roughly 18 hours. Mom woke me up at like, 9 this morning so that we could turn the water back on and make a mad shower-dash for what 20 minutes we'd leave it on for. Fortunately I managed to squeeze in brushing my teeth before we turned it back off, because the plumbing did not get fixed until 6 pm this evening. o_O

Let me tell you: Not being able to flush the toilet is rather unnerving when you have friends coming over. Leaving #1 in there to stew and disinfect the bowl is one thing; #2 is just a NO. ^_^V

So, we have water. Yay. Flushing toilets, running sinks, woo hoo.


Apr. 19th, 2006 01:49 pm
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Was supposed to have a date on Sunday night. Got stood up, though that's more or less been resolved, so the need to castrate the guy is no longer present.

Albertson's made me fill out a Voluntary Termination form so that they wouldn't have to pay for my Unemployment. When asked what the reason for "quitting" was, I turned it around to make it look like it was their fault. ^_^

Her dad's funeral is on Saturday.

My grandpa died yesterday. I got to say good bye.

My new boss is a jackass. ^_________^

And I'm sick.


Mar. 3rd, 2004 11:12 pm
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Let the records show, that 20 years ago this date, the SPOOn was conceived. That is all.


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