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So lats night I took my sister to Club Skandal because she really wanted to go out with me. And my "I took her" I mean, she drove and paid, I directed her to where it was. XP

We came home from Grandma's, ate a little bit, changed, and went on our way. We were a half hour after doors opened, and nobody was dancing. Oh, well. We got drinks and sat. I liked the music that was playing, but I wasn't familiar with it, so there was no way in hell I was gonna dance by myself to songs I didn't know at all. Finally, something I recognized was on and I got up and danced around a little. I was wearing a white shirt underneath black lights, so I kinda stuck out despite how dark the corner was. XD Sat back down when I realized I was still out of shape/exhausted/overheating.

It was at least 10pm by the time anyone else started dancing. And by that, I mean ONE PERSON was on the floor. I got up and joined him, and soon the guy that I later dubbed the "Rooster Dancer" joined in, and then a few more guys finally got the sticks out of their asses. :D

It took a couple of drinks to get my sister to dance; she was very insecure about fitting in and not looking like an idiot (she already felt weird with how she was dressed compared to the fishnets and chains and spikes and corsets that everyone else had on); but she finally went out and we danced together and she got comfortable fairly quickly.

The DJ had a hard-on for "Deutschmaschine" by And One, and ended up playing it three times that night, along with "Panzermensch". X3 And One is awesome; they can get any party started.

Saw a couple people from Tremors before it died; one didn't recognize me, I didn't recognize the other one, but booooy did he know me. ^^;;; His spiked bracelet smacked my hand when it came flying off of him, and then we started talking when I went to the bar to get a drink. He was the bouncer that one night at Tremors and even remembered me introducing myself as "SPOOn," so... *shrugs* He was amusing. ^^

Then my sister and I left for food and went home. She had fun, which makes me happy. :3
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Don't expect to see me at anymore Hellsing gatherings at AX.


Basically the gathering thread on C.com got into a debate on whether or not swastikas were the ultimate offense or just offensive like anything else, and whether or not it's acceptable to wear them outside of cosplay (not so much the convention area; i'm not that stupid), and even if it's acceptable to wear them IN cosplay for accuracy...

It had nothing to do with their opinions.

It kept coming back to wearing them defining the wearer as a sympathizer of Nazism if it's not part of a costume. Okay, sure. I can see your angle. Just don't freaking come at me with that when you're in FULL support of people that do dress in full garb. "Ooooh, well, it's a character, so it's okay."

That's bull shit.

You wear an armband, you're a supporter; You wear an entire uniform in the name of cosplay, you're not? Hah. I don't think so. By that logic, you should only cosplay a character with whom you identify with idealogically, and thusly, anyone that dresses as ANYONE from Millenium is a Nazi supporter. Does that fly? I don't think so.

So, because of one idiot that hides behind her heritage as an excuse to be offended by a cotton rag, I'm not going. Ever.
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I guess you guys are due for an update. O_o

So, St. Patty's day I was gonna go to a drinking party with a Co-worker from Albertson's and get wasted a block away from my own house, and call Dad if it got that bad, but when I went to work at Game Stop that night, one of my co-workers there was going to throw a Game Stop-only bash and had invited me to come. Being that I actually knew everyone that worked in our store, I had no problem going there, as I would feel a lot safer with them. So I called Niki, the Albertson's one, and told her I had too much homework and couldn't make it (not too much of a lie, I just didn't do my homework ^^;;), and then I called Dad to tell him the venue had changed. XD

So, I brought my 12-pack of Triple Black over to Tu's place, and I was the only other Game Stop employee that could/wanted to come, so it was Tu, his roommate, his girlfriend, and me, all crammed into the living watching Space Balls, chugging Triple Black and beer, and yakking with Tu's cousin over the phone. That was about 10:30-11:30. I chugged down a double whopper, fries, and three Triple Blacks in 45 minutes.

Once 11:30 hit, we popped in Call of Duty 2 and proceeded to massacre one another, the two losers having to take essentially 3/4 a bottle of Triple Black, and I lost all three rounds. So, basically, I chugged 5 Smirnoffs inside 90 minutes. My stomach. Was. FULL. I was so miserable, and I wasn't digesting quickly enough, so my stomach decided if it wasn't going that way, it was going the other way, and the guys got a kick out of hearing me vomit so cleanly into the toilet. After two spews, I stood up, rinsed off, and was back on the couch and chugging back my sixth and final Smirnoff for the evening. Kip, our boss, happened to call Tu in order to remind him he had to work at the mall the next morning, and Tu told him about missing out on me getting hammered, and poor Kip wished he had been there to see it, because I was probably the second to last person he would have expected that from. ^_^ Then he insisted that Tu not let me drive home, and quite frankly, while I would have probably made it safely home, my luck I would have been randomly pulled over, and that would not go over well. So, I agreed to stay over.

After that, the boys and I stayed up untill 2:30 bullshitting about ghosts and crap, and then I slept on the couch, got up at 7 AM, drove home, went to school, came home, and went to work. XD

And then tonight was the Dir en Grey concert. It was fun. Took Ari, and Gainax Boy met us there. We ended up moving to the back of the floor area so that we could actually SEE the stage, what a concept, and I had enough room to dance around. Bought the official copy of Gauze and Macabre, the freaky Kyo shirt, and then after the show we ate at Carl's Jr. and averaged 80 all the way home. ^_^

The end.


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