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I got waitlisted to Fullerton. ,_,
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And here I thought Zin was gonna take forever.
Akira is kicking my ass. But he looks so freakin' good doin' it so it's mildly okay. I have half of his hair, his horns, and his belt, and then I'm done with his top half. After that it's onto the legs, boots, and tail!

And then I get to do the background..... FFFF

In related news, I've had this Wacom Intuos for nearly ten years. I got it my junior year in high school, and I'm class of '02. I'm still on the original pen nib, but Now alluva sudden I think I should change it since it's no longer... round. For the first time in a decade, I can't find the replacements. :||||

Also, I haven't said anything in a while: Trevor's doing fine. He's got some mucus-related breathing issues, but he's still on Potassium (6ml a day), and we've gotten him a fourth kind of antibiotic which he still hates but wtfe, cat. If I get this stuff in my mouth, I don't mind at all. >:D (Also it seems to be helping better than the other stuff did, WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HOW IT TASTES TO ME). And past all that he's actually doing fairly well! He's 17 so he's not a spring chicken anymore (nor is he grooming) but he's social, he eats, he cuddles with us a LOT, and he goes outside still.

Oh, and we're closing my parents' office down this month. Thank you, Carter/Bush1/Clinton/Bush2/Obama administration. I blame all of you for this, because you're the ones that didn't see a problem with giving loans to people that couldn't afford them. And then of course we all blame the banks/lenders/evil brokers when these people have to foreclose on their homes because SURPRISE they can't make the payments. How dare they expect these people to pay their debts like responsible adults!
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So get this: For my first Industrial concert, I took my parents to see Assemblage 23, 5 years ago this month. It was awesome. They had a good time, I had a great time, it was a great show aside from it running late.

September 2007 A23 came back around for the Binary tour, I believe it was. I was in Japanese 2 at the time, and the day before the concert I had come down with food poisoning. The next day I was so drained from puking for 18 hours that I just didn't have the energy to go. I. Was. Bummed.

Well, HE'S ON TOUR AGAIN. Elizabeth, her friends and I were gonna go TONIGHT.

I woke up puking. Again. I feel fine, but once I get vertical the nausea starts to set in. It's weird. :( That basically renders me an invalid for the day. I can't even get myself water, lest I start dry-heaving at this point.

What the hell. TAT
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Leaving on Thursday. Making my pirate tunic with Mom's help/supervision tomorrow. No time to make pants, so I'll be wearing grey crops instead. They still look good ^^

Half of my clothes for the weekend are on the floor awaiting packing.
Need to get drugs, make one last set of prints, find the printer CD so that I can install it onto my laptop ON THE RARE CHANCE that I run out of prints. Pfff. I've done that once and yeah. That was a fluke. But whatever.

I'm this close to giving up Artist Alleys. I want to give A-kon's a shot, but that's it. I think I'll quit kidding myself after that.

See ya.
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My folks are going through expenses and doing number crunching right now.

HUD basically says that they can't do FHA loans, which is half their business if not more. The reasoning: They don't make enough money, so therefore they must be scammers.
I would like you to think that over a moment.
They make less. LESS. than $250,000 a year, so therefore they're possible scammers.


I interpret it this way: You make less than $250,000 a year. If you are a scammer, you're not a very good one, and therefore when we become the only source of loans, you won't be very useful to us.
Note: FHA got a bailout because they failed at running their business, yet my folks are being held accountable and if they screw up, TOO BAD SO SAD. NO $$ FOR YOU.

ANYWAY. They'll be closing their shop next year and they're trying to figure out what expenses we have and will need to cover and how best to go about that.
With no formal education. :D Yay.


Sep. 28th, 2009 04:46 pm
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I missed the transfer application deadline by... oh, a month.

Thanks for telling me, counselor.

I get to wait an entire year.
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Trevor's on his last legs right now. He wheezes heavily periodically, and snores. On top of everything else. We're going to take him off the Fancy Feast and try to get him some corticosteroids to help rebuild some muscle and possibly help his lungs. Hopefully the vet will let us do it.

Heart attack is quicker than wasting away over a few months. :/

Hoh shit he's like 80% normal again. Yay for diet change.

Dear Sir

Sep. 23rd, 2009 08:11 pm
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You are not saving energy by leaving the fucking salmon out on the counter top so that it "can cool down" before it goes into the refrigerator. It's possibly still in the 90s out right now; the fridge will inevitably have to work a little harder than normal, a slab of warm salmon meat in there or no.


How can you know so much and yet be so fucking ILLOGICAL? You don't want the fridge to work as hard, yet we have to yell at you to unpack your beer from the cardboard box so that the weaker refrigerator doesn't have to not only work harder, but have a complete meltdown that's already happened twice because of your idiocy? In which universe does that make sense?

Disrespectfully yours,

your child.

P.S. The only reason you're not fired from barbecuing is that Mom doesn't want to do absolutely EVERYTHING, including the shit you're completely capable of but choose not to apply yourself to. Like thinking
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So, our vet had to do some digging around and asking of experts.

Trevor has elevated protein levels (we discovered this at the time of the potassium thing). By "elevated" we mean they're roughly 40x what they should be. Yeah. 40. The proteins are coming from his body attacking his muscles. Clearly this isn't common in cats. Basically his is a condition that's found more often in people than in cats, but it's not like it can't happen. BUUUUT. Bottom line is that it can be a tumor near his digestive system. Malignant or benign, we dunno. But the tumor theory is just that: a theory.

So, then, the vet gave us some testing options: We could have the $1000 .... whatever scan, the $500 MRI scan, or the far more accurate $30 blood test that has $45 shipping to Tennessee.

I shit you not, he gave that list of options to my mom to pick from.
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Last couple days our 15 year old cat, Trevor, has been having some issues. Namely, he can't lift his head and can't walk properly. He feels fine otherwise. And I meant that. He's... mainly just frustrated. We got some blood work results back today and apparently he has low potassium. Vet says that something else seems to be afoot, though, so he needs another round of (expensive...) blood work done. :/ Dad's on his way to come get us before the vet closes for the day. Hopefully a supplement is all that is needed.

And we're back. His potassium is SLIGHTLY low, and... he has an auto immune disease. That attacks his muscles. XP It's painless, which is more important to me.
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So some time last year, I believe it was, a bill was passed that if your money-related business (investing, lending, brokerage, etc.) was worth less than $250,000, you basically weren't worthy enough to keep your doors open. This was passed in an effort to protect the people from scammers and such (like Bernie Madoff) by weeding out the obviously fraudulent businesses (unlike Bernie Madoff's business, because with all his net worth, it was clearly not fraudulent at all.) that can barely keep their heads above water.

Why do I care? My parents are mortgage brokers and their business isn't even worth $75,000, let alone $250,000. So to protect the people from our evil and unworthy business that's survived two housing market crashes, stricter lending policies, and out-and-out IDIOTS in the loan processing ... process, we will have to close our doors by the end of next year and find a either a new job or an entirely new industry. My parents are in their 50s and don't have college educations. Think this'll be an easy transition?

All because we don't make enough.

Oh, and the kicker is that if we did make $250,000, we'd be in the RICH tax bracket and would have to pay even MORE in income tax.

Yeah, I'm glad that my government has had a good head on its shoulders for the last 25 years or so. Can't you tell?
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Corona man held in stabbing deaths of his 2 daughters

This happened..... OOOOOHHH.... 2 miles west of my neighborhood? Down the street from one of the grocery stores we go to.

Gave Hayvn a bath today and made a set of muslin pants for her. They're about two inches (6 inches in human scale!) too wide for her and two inches too short ^^ But other than that the pattern's nice. So I'll tweak that and make her some jeans, then set to work on some Band T-shirts for her.
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My phone was stolen Thursday, and I've just suspended it. $90 later I'll get a replacement next week, but the point is, yeah, I don't have mah phone numbers (or charms... ,_,) anymore.

I'll have the same number as before, though, so if you don't like me, consider this your get out of jail free card; I can never call you again.


Feb. 17th, 2009 01:45 am
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I just found out that a girl I met at Anime Expo last year, sat next to in Artist Alley all weekend, died in a car accident recently. She was an amazing artist and an absolute doll to be neighbors with and I was looking forward to seeing her at at Anime Los Angeles last month.

Hakubaikou's gallery

I'm heartbroken over this, for myself and her family.
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It took this for you to be able to say that you're "finally proud to be an American"?

I'm not entirely sure I'm proud to know you anymore.


Just... Wow.

AIM woes

Dec. 4th, 2008 09:12 pm
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I swear to the Avatar, people... I'm busy.More bitching. )

I'd post happier posts, but... I'm not Japanese and don't have a cell phone that can blog XP So once the blog-worthy happy-stance is done, I don't really care enough to blog about it. I'm actually quite happy these days. I get to see MUCC next week, I finally have an educational goal and job idea that could actually come into fruition, I actually have a social life that's not emotionally and intellectually draining, I have friends that don't make me feel like shit for being myself in front of them... It's refreshing. Veronica went back to Okinawa but she calls me every so often :D Makes me smile to gab with her for an hour or two like we used to.


Sep. 15th, 2008 03:35 am
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I had a bad night at the sushi bar.

I NEVER have bad nights at the sushi bar.

I've been stressed and tired because I couldn't sit down at all, but I've never had a bad night.

Today I wanted to smack Meiko-san (my boss) for telling I made fucking mistakes on a 20-person table when, in reality, she just fucking disrupted my system and so I couldn't tell her instinctively that, "The missing check that you're looking for was paid in cash and that's why you don't have it in your hand and thus think I screwed up. :D"

And Ray. Ray never pisses me off. Tonight I wanted to tell him to walk home in the middle of the night and stay away from me.
Quote of the night, me to Ray: "If you don't like the way that I did things tonight, talk to Meiko-san and ask her to fire me. I really don't give a shit right now." And then he had the nerve to apologize and say that he didn't mean the things that he said.

Let's not talk about when he demanded. DEMANDED, not asked. that I clean up the beer bottle that he knocked over and broke. AND then snapped at me when I started to mop up the beer after sweeping up the glass and getting the stench all over my pants, saying that he'd take it from there. And he not only demanded and snapped, he kept doing it.

"Clean this up for me."
"Sure. Are you okay?" *puts dressing on salad*
"Clean this up for me."
"...Fine. Are you hurt?" *puts dressing away*
"I need you to do this for me NOW before someone slips or something." <-- it's behind the sushi bar right in front of the fridge, indirectly in the walk way. You'd have to be getting something from the fridge to step on it.


Once the glass was swept up, he jumped at me and was like, "I got it from here."
"Okay, Ray."
"I got it. I'll finish it from here."
"It's okay, I'll do it."

Fifteen seconds. I had the rag in my hand and was crouching down.

I never drink beer after work. Never. Unless there's a party. I drank beer tonight. And Katsu-san noticed this fact. I swear to God that man thinks of me like a niece that he sees regularly and thus treats like a daughter.


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