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More Convention blabber - Day 3 )

So.... yeah. We made that 1400 mile drive in 25 hours. After a full night's rest. If you've never done conventions, let me tell you something: Your average convention nut gets about 10-12 hours of sleep TOTAL all weekend. :D I think I did a little better than that, but I wasn't keeping track. Into the car we go. Onto the road.

Did a couple of gas stops, of course... in the middle of nowhere... We first pulled over after passing yet another prison... Gee, the gas is nearly $3 here and it looks like we can get mugged easily. Let's keep going, right? Well we found our way back into Silent Hill. All these dilapidated houses everywhere... We find a tiny little gas station with two pumps and a shit-ton of bugs crawling around. It's 11 at night and BTW I still have my Akira makeup on. O_O Otherwise known as THIS GUY WITH THE HORNS. After pumping the gas, I want the receipt! So I go to the window since they're obviously still in there counting out. I ask for the receipt and the guy has this look of "I'mma get my shotgun!" on his face as he shouts to me that they're closed. O____O;;; ok.... I just wanted the piece of paper...

Continue driving and I'm about to fall asleep not far from El Paso. It's about 2 in the morning, so we pull over to look for a motel. The Freakin' Super 8 is booked :| Found a Budget Inn and forked over $55 for three people to sleep in a room for less than 8 hours. Whatever. Free WiFi. And a dead cockroach in the bathroom. Checkout was at 11 FFS. :| Good night!
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Con TL;DR )

After putting my stuff away we went downstairs to the concert. We got front and center and Did Not Move. >) It didn't take long before the band came out and started. OMG seeing them live is so awesome. :D I don't even like their music too much (though after hearing them live and listening to them on the drive home, I do enjoy listening to them now). [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens has their set list after we found it on Facebook, btw. Lalala, so as the show was starting, this tiny little Kyouko cosplayer from Japan came up next to me, her mother right beside her. I asked if she was part of the fan club, and indeed she is. She was literally a foot shorter than me, though, so when the music began playing I just about shoved her in front of me so that she could uh SEE THE SHOW that she paid $3k to see o_o;;; Her mom was a bit taller so she was able to see over some shoulders. So, front and center were two Kyouko cosplayers, an Akira right behind them, and off to the side another Kyouko and a Jyouji. Short of there being a Zin, I think the band was pretty happy to see that. ^^

After the first song I felt a tap on my shoulder: Another girl about a foot shorter gave me the puppy eyes and "You're tall :'(" so I made some room for her behind Kyoukotan. ........Turns out she didn't expect to get assaulted by hair during a METAL SHOW, so when Kyoukotan was headbanging and whipping her hair back and ultimately smacking the girl in the face, she felt compelled to retaliate. There was some intentional ear-drum shattering shrieking to be had from her. :| Not appreciated by either of us. I'm all for excitement and being stuck in front of a speaker when it comes to reasons for going deaf at a concert, but doing it purposefully is NOT COOL. Be respectful, especially when you were shown respect first.

Blah blah blah, Lots of hard songs were played, lots of headbanging, and Jyouji had a few solos. ^^ He makes the silliest happy faces with his huge mouth. And Zin was such a creeper on Kyouko, sneaking up behind her and such. He did most of the audience interaction (Clapping and what not) and with his striped socks and school boy shorts he looked so adorable doing it. Akira was... Akira? I think he made eye contact with me a few times, but he smiled a lot in general. They all seemed really excited to be playing their first American show. :3

At the end, Kyouko made introductions and.... Akira gave us a lick of his drumstick THAT HE DID NOT THROW OUT TO US WTFF. I'm always hoping to catch a drumstick, but I would have muscled out for that one. *purrs*

While we waited for SeikimaII to come out, staff brought out water. WATER. And asked if we wanted any. Hoh shit that was awesome. After hydrating, Kyoukotan decided that she wasn't going to be able to deal with another, longer, performance of a harder-loved band while front and center. Security escorted us out so that we could get to the back, and.... I discovered that my horn broke. :( The Model Magic is drying out a lot, so I'd resolved to make a new set and retire the first after getting them signed by Inugami.

Found a place to sit in the back by the water coolers and SeikimaII came out. Blah blah blah I'm tired and don't want to type it all up right now. XP Just know that BOYS LIKE MANKO and one of the guitarists likes the sound of swinging tits. Awesome performance.

Unfortunately Inugami's first autograph signing was during the Seikima show and so we didn't want to bring anything to get signed with us (I wanted my poster signed; not risking that up in the pit). Looking back, I figure that we could have gone and come back since we were wearing what we wanted to get signed, but whatever.

Late night shit )

Good first day! Despite crappy sales :(


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:08 pm
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The Inugami circus-dan (犬神サーカス団) costume is almost done @_@ I'm so happy! And it looks.... Okay! XD *my own worst critic*

MUCC concert tomorrow. Can't wait.

going with [livejournal.com profile] incoherants and her nephew. Tacce, if you're reading this, I'm sewing. call me.

*edit* .... I pleated the inside backwards... I don't know if I can hem it... ,_,


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