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Sep. 27th, 2010 06:05 pm
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So, I've had 2 real paycheck jobs, both held around the same time. I won't name them here, but some of you know who they are.

Well I haven't worked at either since 2006, and... I just got a notice of potential Settlement from the second company. Apparently someone is suing them for wrongful treatment of employees (off the clock hours, denying breaks, etc.), during a period lasting the past 5 years. Well, Amazingly enough, that period of time started just a few months before I was working there, so I'm like in the first batch of mistreated employees.

I was reading the claims of the suit and I couldn't disagree with any of them. My first manager was fine; in fact, I almost wish he qualified for a piece of this settlement since he had to forgo his breaks a lot more often than we did. The second manager... well... He stole from the register and the safe and the floor. Real class act. And I'm on video basically working several hours for free (not for him; for another store in the same city).


I'm sending in my claim.


Sep. 15th, 2008 03:35 am
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I had a bad night at the sushi bar.

I NEVER have bad nights at the sushi bar.

I've been stressed and tired because I couldn't sit down at all, but I've never had a bad night.

Today I wanted to smack Meiko-san (my boss) for telling I made fucking mistakes on a 20-person table when, in reality, she just fucking disrupted my system and so I couldn't tell her instinctively that, "The missing check that you're looking for was paid in cash and that's why you don't have it in your hand and thus think I screwed up. :D"

And Ray. Ray never pisses me off. Tonight I wanted to tell him to walk home in the middle of the night and stay away from me.
Quote of the night, me to Ray: "If you don't like the way that I did things tonight, talk to Meiko-san and ask her to fire me. I really don't give a shit right now." And then he had the nerve to apologize and say that he didn't mean the things that he said.

Let's not talk about when he demanded. DEMANDED, not asked. that I clean up the beer bottle that he knocked over and broke. AND then snapped at me when I started to mop up the beer after sweeping up the glass and getting the stench all over my pants, saying that he'd take it from there. And he not only demanded and snapped, he kept doing it.

"Clean this up for me."
"Sure. Are you okay?" *puts dressing on salad*
"Clean this up for me."
"...Fine. Are you hurt?" *puts dressing away*
"I need you to do this for me NOW before someone slips or something." <-- it's behind the sushi bar right in front of the fridge, indirectly in the walk way. You'd have to be getting something from the fridge to step on it.


Once the glass was swept up, he jumped at me and was like, "I got it from here."
"Okay, Ray."
"I got it. I'll finish it from here."
"It's okay, I'll do it."

Fifteen seconds. I had the rag in my hand and was crouching down.

I never drink beer after work. Never. Unless there's a party. I drank beer tonight. And Katsu-san noticed this fact. I swear to God that man thinks of me like a niece that he sees regularly and thus treats like a daughter.


Jan. 30th, 2008 06:30 pm
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It's been a while since I've actually updated...

Let's see.

Been taking Japanese classes alongside Photography. I have Color photo this spring, and then I get my certificate. <3 I'll take Japanese 3 in the Fall, helping [ profile] flaming_loffel while she takes Japanese 2 during the Spring.

Still don't have a job. D: Gay. I really need to call the photographers in the area and see if they need assistants. Of the 3, only one lists an address, and I seriously have no idea what to say over the phone... Any ideas?

The first Chapter of MidnighTokyo was sent off to Japan for the competition, just a few days shy of Christmas. I was tired of it and glad to be done, I am not kidding. But I like it. I'm proud of it, and I'm confident that it'll do well. Especially since I had a dream that it did. ^-^

ALA came and went, and I already updated with that.

Ari and I are working out details for Anime Expo. If anyone is going and needs a place to stay, let us know. We're always looking for roommates.

December 30th, my sister cut my hair. For those that don't know me too well, I had been growing my hair out since July 2002, when it was just above chin-length. It was at my butt by the time my sister hacked it off, and now it's roughly shoulder length. So, that was a major thing to us. Five and a half years of my life is now tied up in a Ziplock to either be sold or made into extensions. I'm also pretty interested in getting an Iple House Doll (Soo Ri, in particular), and would consider making a wig out of my leftovers, as well. But that's down the line.

And then a very tiny thing: Gackt killed my car radio. Right after Thanksgiving, I was driving to school and went over... not even a pothole. A large imperfection in the asphalt on the interchange, and my radio skipped while playing "Vanilla." Not only did it skip, but all buttons ceased to respond. And after hitting Reset, the radio pretty much spiraled down into electronic death. This radio, like my hair, was in my life for 5 and a half years. I loved it, it was the best radio that I could have asked for, for that price. And it was even a conversation piece. Well, it was dead and obsolete and beyond repair. Got a new one though, and it was installed right after the semester ended. Nowhere near as cool and nowhere near as handy to use, but it is easy to use, it isn't ugly, and it plays MP3s. XD My old one didn't do that.

Gackt is no longer allowed inside my car. Furthermore, this CD in question was literally pried out of the radio with pliers and a screwdriver and promptly thrown into the microwave for a 20-second victory celebration.
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Going to JRock Revolution May 25-26. I pwn.
Working to get room mates for Anime Expo. Not so pwn.
Have to write an essay in Japanese. Pwn desu.
Still don't have a job. That so not pwns.
Got the new D'espairsRay album from a friend for Christmas. Major pwnage.
Met a guy that asked for my phone number. Have yet to make a date. ^^

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So I survived two weekends working for Momo Sushi.
Meiko and Katsu are of course wonderful.
Take is awesome.
Teresa is fun.
Yoko is a sweetheart.
Haruna.... is a bitch. ^^

I'm not sure if it's racism, or if she's afraid I'll take her place. But she seriously was giving me attitude all night, almost strictly because I was white rice.
"We don't do it THAT way; we do it the JapanESE way."
Shit. I've been working with Yoko and Take, who are more Japanese than you, and they didn't have one problem with how I did things. In fact, I got compliments for how well I did things on my first few nights.

Anyway. Haruna is probably my only problem. ... I lie. The Korean ladies in the kitchen are my other problem. ^^ Yoko doesn't even like them. But Yoko didn't get to see one of them burn my finger Sunday night. :O She handed me a naked Udon bowl. (That means the piping hot ceramic bowl had no plate underneath when she handed it to me. Was she using pot holders? No. She held it by the very lip of the bowl and the base.) I grabbed it. It hurt. I gave it back to her. I nearly stuffed my hand into the ice machine.

It stole a lot of precious homework time from me, but I got paid well for it, and it was worth it if only for the company. Rephrase. The money made up for the time lost. I would have worked for free if final projects weren't an issue.

That and our Dir en Grey tickets are sitting by the calendar, waiting for the 23rd of February to roll around. ^__________________^ I'm stoked.
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So I got an e-mail from Staples saying they had 1GB flash cards for $20. I stopped breathing for all of one heartbeat.

Mom came home and she wanted to go grocery shopping, and I told her about the cards. So we went to Stater Bros. (I'm so sorry, Grocery gods! I'll cleanse myself with Albertson's milk as soon as I can!) since it was across the way from Staples.

Got two Memory cards (for less than the price of one!), some glossy photo paper, and then we went to Target where I found black bed sheets D: Got a pair of white pillow cases to go with that. ^-^

And then 24 hour Fitness called me today for an interview tomorrow.
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K, I have no job. Minimal income. Yay for that.

co-worker from Game Stop invited me to Vegas this weekend. I get a free room. ^_^ w00t.

Established which two costumes i want to make for next year's convention: Isshi (Kagrra,) from the "Gen ei no Katachi" video, and Manji from Blade of the Immortal. Plus Nazi Pirate SPOOn, Enrico Maxwell from Hellsing, and Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear Solid. *nods*

I was gonna be Isshi from "Ouka Ranman"'s video, but the kimono's pattern was almost impossible to replicate at the Fashion district yesterday, and not be spandex or polyester... =_= or SHEER. :| There was a Silk pattern but it was $20 a yard. @_@ 3-4 yards required. XÞ Plus a conceivable 2 yard Hapi... Blech. Now I just have to buy a blonde wig. o0 w00t.
*edit* And I was going to be Isshi from "Satsuki", but then I realized that the last thing I needed was another trench coat. XD At least this way, I still get a kimono out of the deal. And a black one, to boot. o0

Bought a bunch of JRock cds off Ebay and CDJapan. No more spending for me. *nods* $85 for 6 singles and an album (non bootleg). Not bad, if you ask me, but yeah. No more.

Anybody interested in commissioning me for art? Prices are negotiable, of course, you all being friends and everything. When it comes to color, I'm strictly Photoshop, 600 DPI 8x10", unless you want something specific like a bookmark or a CD label or something not just for framing or throwing in your notebook, and of course that'll alter the price (in your favor, typically).

Let me know. <3
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Yeah... uh... *scratches head* Apparently I'm having a relapse in my cold that never really went away. Woke up with a frog in my throat again. No, I don't blame my 4-5 hours of sleep per night habit of the last three months. Not one bit. ^_^V

I can't help it; it's the only time I get to roleplay, schedule-wise. It's a nasty drug.
That, and I don't get home until 10 or 11 at night and I have to unwind, nevermind having been up since 7 or 8 in the morning. ^^ Anyway.

Apparently my digi photo class is meeting at the Getty on the 12th, the last day of E3. ;_; I'm gonna have to meet the guys on Wednesday or Tuesday, depending on their and my schedules. I miss them.

Mmm... Gonna try and set up another date with the guy that 'stood me up'.
And then I have another guy that wants to take me out once I'm feeling better and have a free weekend. I laughed at him for that comment; in good humor of course. ^^

Getting lazy with my art prints. I need to print out more copies of the ones that are done, and then I need to finish the new ones I want to bring to the convention. I'm fairly confident I'll do well this year, about as well as I did last year. I might try to do commissions more readily, not just $1 sketches. I'm just unsure of what to charge... :\ I figure $15-45 for simple to complex drawings, $70-120 for color (plus free print, signed and dated, of course)... o_o;; Does... that seem fair to you guys? Do you even know what I'm talking about? :D

New boss = fuckwit. I'm gonna file a formal complaint against him after class. ^_^V


Apr. 19th, 2006 01:49 pm
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Was supposed to have a date on Sunday night. Got stood up, though that's more or less been resolved, so the need to castrate the guy is no longer present.

Albertson's made me fill out a Voluntary Termination form so that they wouldn't have to pay for my Unemployment. When asked what the reason for "quitting" was, I turned it around to make it look like it was their fault. ^_^

Her dad's funeral is on Saturday.

My grandpa died yesterday. I got to say good bye.

My new boss is a jackass. ^_________^

And I'm sick.


Apr. 7th, 2006 11:18 pm
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Her dad died today.

I got suspended for a bullshit reason.

I have a new boss.

Spring Break starts Sunday.

That's all.


Mar. 27th, 2006 01:11 am
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I got a 45-cent raise at Albertson's. o_o;;;

That's sweet.
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I guess you guys are due for an update. O_o

So, St. Patty's day I was gonna go to a drinking party with a Co-worker from Albertson's and get wasted a block away from my own house, and call Dad if it got that bad, but when I went to work at Game Stop that night, one of my co-workers there was going to throw a Game Stop-only bash and had invited me to come. Being that I actually knew everyone that worked in our store, I had no problem going there, as I would feel a lot safer with them. So I called Niki, the Albertson's one, and told her I had too much homework and couldn't make it (not too much of a lie, I just didn't do my homework ^^;;), and then I called Dad to tell him the venue had changed. XD

So, I brought my 12-pack of Triple Black over to Tu's place, and I was the only other Game Stop employee that could/wanted to come, so it was Tu, his roommate, his girlfriend, and me, all crammed into the living watching Space Balls, chugging Triple Black and beer, and yakking with Tu's cousin over the phone. That was about 10:30-11:30. I chugged down a double whopper, fries, and three Triple Blacks in 45 minutes.

Once 11:30 hit, we popped in Call of Duty 2 and proceeded to massacre one another, the two losers having to take essentially 3/4 a bottle of Triple Black, and I lost all three rounds. So, basically, I chugged 5 Smirnoffs inside 90 minutes. My stomach. Was. FULL. I was so miserable, and I wasn't digesting quickly enough, so my stomach decided if it wasn't going that way, it was going the other way, and the guys got a kick out of hearing me vomit so cleanly into the toilet. After two spews, I stood up, rinsed off, and was back on the couch and chugging back my sixth and final Smirnoff for the evening. Kip, our boss, happened to call Tu in order to remind him he had to work at the mall the next morning, and Tu told him about missing out on me getting hammered, and poor Kip wished he had been there to see it, because I was probably the second to last person he would have expected that from. ^_^ Then he insisted that Tu not let me drive home, and quite frankly, while I would have probably made it safely home, my luck I would have been randomly pulled over, and that would not go over well. So, I agreed to stay over.

After that, the boys and I stayed up untill 2:30 bullshitting about ghosts and crap, and then I slept on the couch, got up at 7 AM, drove home, went to school, came home, and went to work. XD

And then tonight was the Dir en Grey concert. It was fun. Took Ari, and Gainax Boy met us there. We ended up moving to the back of the floor area so that we could actually SEE the stage, what a concept, and I had enough room to dance around. Bought the official copy of Gauze and Macabre, the freaky Kyo shirt, and then after the show we ate at Carl's Jr. and averaged 80 all the way home. ^_^

The end.
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For those that are unaware and thusly are confused:

I just started a second job (not a "new" job, but a "second", as in TWO) last week, so now I'm working 40-ish hours a week. I asked for Sundays off at Albertson's, and what does my foxtrotting Manager do? She gives me an 8-hour shift. On both Sunday AND Saturday.

So let's break SPOOn's week down into the days. :) )

"But SPOOn, why not just have your manager not have you close on those nights?"
*dies laughing* *resurrects self* It's actually a lot easier on her if I just have her not schedule me for those days, period. That, and working at Game Stop is actually less stressful, despite what you may think. So when I do get home, I'm not exhausted and smelly and sweaty and covered in botulism. I'm just dusty. ^_^

But anyway, the point of all that was to let you all know that I don't hate you, I still love you, I just have no time to spend with you all. I miss you, though. Don't think I don't.


Please pass this info along to any that ask the stupid question, "Where's SPOOn!? :'("
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or forgetful. ^^

Got a job at Albertson's in early June. Working average 30 hours a week. On my feet all fucking day after spending 7 years on my ass all fucking day. ^_^V My feet hurt, especially in the soles and insteps, my upper back hurt every time I twisted around to the left, I'm tired as soon as I get home, so if I'm not working I'm sleeping or lounging around with Lol, John, and or Matt and or Ari.

That's why you've seen neither hide nor hair of the SPOOn.

Still need to update about AX and ComicCon. o_o


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