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More Convention blabber - Day 3 )

So.... yeah. We made that 1400 mile drive in 25 hours. After a full night's rest. If you've never done conventions, let me tell you something: Your average convention nut gets about 10-12 hours of sleep TOTAL all weekend. :D I think I did a little better than that, but I wasn't keeping track. Into the car we go. Onto the road.

Did a couple of gas stops, of course... in the middle of nowhere... We first pulled over after passing yet another prison... Gee, the gas is nearly $3 here and it looks like we can get mugged easily. Let's keep going, right? Well we found our way back into Silent Hill. All these dilapidated houses everywhere... We find a tiny little gas station with two pumps and a shit-ton of bugs crawling around. It's 11 at night and BTW I still have my Akira makeup on. O_O Otherwise known as THIS GUY WITH THE HORNS. After pumping the gas, I want the receipt! So I go to the window since they're obviously still in there counting out. I ask for the receipt and the guy has this look of "I'mma get my shotgun!" on his face as he shouts to me that they're closed. O____O;;; ok.... I just wanted the piece of paper...

Continue driving and I'm about to fall asleep not far from El Paso. It's about 2 in the morning, so we pull over to look for a motel. The Freakin' Super 8 is booked :| Found a Budget Inn and forked over $55 for three people to sleep in a room for less than 8 hours. Whatever. Free WiFi. And a dead cockroach in the bathroom. Checkout was at 11 FFS. :| Good night!
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Con TL;DR )

After putting my stuff away we went downstairs to the concert. We got front and center and Did Not Move. >) It didn't take long before the band came out and started. OMG seeing them live is so awesome. :D I don't even like their music too much (though after hearing them live and listening to them on the drive home, I do enjoy listening to them now). [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens has their set list after we found it on Facebook, btw. Lalala, so as the show was starting, this tiny little Kyouko cosplayer from Japan came up next to me, her mother right beside her. I asked if she was part of the fan club, and indeed she is. She was literally a foot shorter than me, though, so when the music began playing I just about shoved her in front of me so that she could uh SEE THE SHOW that she paid $3k to see o_o;;; Her mom was a bit taller so she was able to see over some shoulders. So, front and center were two Kyouko cosplayers, an Akira right behind them, and off to the side another Kyouko and a Jyouji. Short of there being a Zin, I think the band was pretty happy to see that. ^^

After the first song I felt a tap on my shoulder: Another girl about a foot shorter gave me the puppy eyes and "You're tall :'(" so I made some room for her behind Kyoukotan. ........Turns out she didn't expect to get assaulted by hair during a METAL SHOW, so when Kyoukotan was headbanging and whipping her hair back and ultimately smacking the girl in the face, she felt compelled to retaliate. There was some intentional ear-drum shattering shrieking to be had from her. :| Not appreciated by either of us. I'm all for excitement and being stuck in front of a speaker when it comes to reasons for going deaf at a concert, but doing it purposefully is NOT COOL. Be respectful, especially when you were shown respect first.

Blah blah blah, Lots of hard songs were played, lots of headbanging, and Jyouji had a few solos. ^^ He makes the silliest happy faces with his huge mouth. And Zin was such a creeper on Kyouko, sneaking up behind her and such. He did most of the audience interaction (Clapping and what not) and with his striped socks and school boy shorts he looked so adorable doing it. Akira was... Akira? I think he made eye contact with me a few times, but he smiled a lot in general. They all seemed really excited to be playing their first American show. :3

At the end, Kyouko made introductions and.... Akira gave us a lick of his drumstick THAT HE DID NOT THROW OUT TO US WTFF. I'm always hoping to catch a drumstick, but I would have muscled out for that one. *purrs*

While we waited for SeikimaII to come out, staff brought out water. WATER. And asked if we wanted any. Hoh shit that was awesome. After hydrating, Kyoukotan decided that she wasn't going to be able to deal with another, longer, performance of a harder-loved band while front and center. Security escorted us out so that we could get to the back, and.... I discovered that my horn broke. :( The Model Magic is drying out a lot, so I'd resolved to make a new set and retire the first after getting them signed by Inugami.

Found a place to sit in the back by the water coolers and SeikimaII came out. Blah blah blah I'm tired and don't want to type it all up right now. XP Just know that BOYS LIKE MANKO and one of the guitarists likes the sound of swinging tits. Awesome performance.

Unfortunately Inugami's first autograph signing was during the Seikima show and so we didn't want to bring anything to get signed with us (I wanted my poster signed; not risking that up in the pit). Looking back, I figure that we could have gone and come back since we were wearing what we wanted to get signed, but whatever.

Late night shit )

Good first day! Despite crappy sales :(
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BACK FROM A-KON, PEOPLE!! OMG I have a week of catching up to do on Facebook, twitter, LJ, DeviantArt, forums.... SOB.


Highlights include:
Stress-free packing (a first since 2004!)
25 hours of traveling to get to Dallas from the Inland Empire.
The girl in the check-in line not being Mandy.
The Alphabet game at 2 in the morning with minimal road signs and even less light to see them. But it kept me awake.
Buzz Lightyear on the building wall across from our hotel window, Crown Royal in the reflection of our building wall on the Citibank building next to Buzz Lightyear.
A gorgeous view of Dallas from our 20th floor window.
Cure magazine wanting our photo as we wandered around dressed as Inugami Akira and Kyouko.
The SeikimaII concert right after. :D
Meeting other Inugami cosplayers.
Making new Artist Alley friends.
Getting my Inugami art signed by the band.
Getting. My. Melon. Farming. AKIRA HORNS. Signed. By. The. Band. *flips her shit*
Seeing Manny again. :D
His GPS having a dumb.
The 5 Silent Hills we drove through.
Waffle House babysitters.
Coming home to overcast and 91 traffic. Dallas ain't got shit on our Rush Hour.


Full report someday because it will be LONG. I was gone for almost a week.


May. 22nd, 2010 12:14 am
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The only thing worse than deciding to draw an Epic Crossover Drawing of EPICNESS at 11x17 is my idiocy to plan on drawing another one that A) won't be half as epic and B) won't be seen by many because not only is it NC17, it's got teh man secks with 4 mans in it.

I guess my only saving grace with the second one is that I don't plan on making it Watercolor, so the lineart doesn't need to be PERFECTO.

BTW the Epic(TM) is uh.... well... epic, but I forget. :| I'm hoping it'll be done by JUNE but IDK, man. IDK.
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And here I thought Zin was gonna take forever.
Akira is kicking my ass. But he looks so freakin' good doin' it so it's mildly okay. I have half of his hair, his horns, and his belt, and then I'm done with his top half. After that it's onto the legs, boots, and tail!

And then I get to do the background..... FFFF

In related news, I've had this Wacom Intuos for nearly ten years. I got it my junior year in high school, and I'm class of '02. I'm still on the original pen nib, but Now alluva sudden I think I should change it since it's no longer... round. For the first time in a decade, I can't find the replacements. :||||

Also, I haven't said anything in a while: Trevor's doing fine. He's got some mucus-related breathing issues, but he's still on Potassium (6ml a day), and we've gotten him a fourth kind of antibiotic which he still hates but wtfe, cat. If I get this stuff in my mouth, I don't mind at all. >:D (Also it seems to be helping better than the other stuff did, WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HOW IT TASTES TO ME). And past all that he's actually doing fairly well! He's 17 so he's not a spring chicken anymore (nor is he grooming) but he's social, he eats, he cuddles with us a LOT, and he goes outside still.

Oh, and we're closing my parents' office down this month. Thank you, Carter/Bush1/Clinton/Bush2/Obama administration. I blame all of you for this, because you're the ones that didn't see a problem with giving loans to people that couldn't afford them. And then of course we all blame the banks/lenders/evil brokers when these people have to foreclose on their homes because SURPRISE they can't make the payments. How dare they expect these people to pay their debts like responsible adults!
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Here he is with base shading down.

Now is the time to nitpick and critique because once I start refining it you're just gonna get the Finger in response. XD

Akira Shades

I can already think of a few things I've forgotten... =_=

Anybody think I should pierce his ears?
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I realize that PCs have their problems, but they get the job done and they aren't overrated/overpriced like Macs are. Yes, Macs are great machines, especially for the creative world, but don't get all high and mighty about it.

They're not infallible.

As MIYA from the band MUCC just discovered.

If I didn't have the speech to write, I'd be translating this RIGHT FUCKING NOW, but basically he talks about how he can't do without his Mac and suddenly it broke and he wants to know if anybody out there has a Mac PhD. It's beautiful. XD For a lot of reasons; not just a broken Mac (though I of course hope his data is recoverable! Think of all the mixes that he probably doesn't back up.). For some reason he mentions Satochi's exercise habits on the TOC tour back in 2008, too. ^^
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Inugami Kyouko

Akira or Jyouji next?

Zin goes last because he will be the haaaaaaaaaaardest. @_@ Oh, wait. You guys haven't seen the sketches yet. D:!

Inugami Jyouji Inugami Akira Inugami Zin


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Okay, fuckers. Due to some INTERESTING NEWS I HAVE BEEN TOLD, I am going to A-kon next year.

Even if I have to rob a bank to do it.

The reason is, INUGAMI CIRCUS-DAN is going to be there, their FIRST show in the US, with a Q&A and an autograph session. I basically have to be there or commit honorable suicide! So I'm going!

Is anyone on my f-list going? I AM CURIOUS.

Clearly [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens is.
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K, Winter session is over after today, Thursday. I have a Japanese Culture final and an essay to do. I just finished my EPIC ESSAY IS EPIC Pirates and Ninjas research essay for English 1A. 3200+ words dedicated to why Pirates are way better. Oh yeah, I said it. *raises the roof, pirate style*

Spring session starts next week. I'll have 11 units, 12 if I can get into the Yoga class. That's basically full time. I'll be taking Japanese 4, Contemp. US Hisory, (maybe) Intermediate Yoga [who the hell waitlists for YOGA?! Me, that's who.], and Health Science. I've got like 30 more units to take before I transfer to CSU, and then another 33 there, hopefully. I'll cry if there are more that I haven't been made aware of. But i can MAYBE do those 33 in a year, get my BA (on top of my three AA's and one AS, I shit you not), and go to Japan on a work visa. That's my goal in life now.


Bingbing gave me a sinus cold that left me feeling like crap all weekend, and it's still hanging in there, but between the bursts of completely plugged nostrils, I'm feeling better. If I had Hall's I'd be fine, I'm sure.

My MUCC singles, Sora to Ito, came in the mail this week. In them were vouchers for a Valentine's card from one of the members, but even if the thing was open to overseas fans, the postmark deadline was impossible to meet between the two mailing schedule times. After having my teacher translate the instructions for me, though, I've resolved to mail the damn thing in anyway, reminding them that they have these fans over here on the other side of the world known as OUTSIDE OF JAPAN that would love these stupid little trinkets from them. You know, the ones that they GOT JET LAG FOR. Yeesh. I'm not petty. Really.
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My fail of a report. )

Actual concert )


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:08 pm
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The Inugami circus-dan (犬神サーカス団) costume is almost done @_@ I'm so happy! And it looks.... Okay! XD *my own worst critic*

MUCC concert tomorrow. Can't wait.

going with [livejournal.com profile] incoherants and her nephew. Tacce, if you're reading this, I'm sewing. call me.

*edit* .... I pleated the inside backwards... I don't know if I can hem it... ,_,

It's here!

Sep. 8th, 2008 02:42 pm
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After ordering like... all the way back in late June.

All arrived today. ^^ *does a happy dance*
Kamikaze would have arrived like... a month sooner but it was in the same box as Ageha, as was reinforced upon opening and finding my B type Ageha with Kamikaze, and A type Ageha all by its lonesome on the other side of the box. XD A type Ageha was later added into the order when the cover designs were released. No such thing as too much of your favorite band members So now I have two MUCC posters and ... Shit, how many of DRay... At least 3. XD

I'm buying me some frames tonight! :D
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It are looooooooong. Four pages loooooooooooong. Bwahaahahahahahahaha. But it's sectioned if you want to skim.

Maniacal laughter )

Pictures will come sometime this year.


Apr. 10th, 2008 01:11 am
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Taste of Chaos tomorrow.

MUCC and D'espairsRay love. ^__________________^

Autograph love.

Music love.

Homemade fishnet shirt love.


Feb. 20th, 2008 05:00 pm
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Got a new phone on Friday. I had a Pay as You Go model that was used with a Family Plan, and now I have a red Juke. I. Love. It. Not even for the music player aspect, either. It's just a really slick design for someone like me. (I have small hands and long fingernails, for one major factor)

Visited [livejournal.com profile] sanji_cat for the first time in a while. Last time I saw her was at ALA. She's such a sweetheart T^T

Somewhere last week, I lost my sanity when MUCC (specifically their bassist) created a blog finally. How did I lose it? I said that I'd translate it. Why? Because I was insane for about 46 hours. But it's doing well. [livejournal.com profile] muccbrog is the community. Tell your friends that like this band called "muck". :D All the members have been very supportive and gracious and patient and appreciative of my efforts T-T

Next month, [livejournal.com profile] otaku_jrock and I find out the results of the manga competition.

April 10th, we have the Taste of Chaos tour (with MUCC and D'espairsRay and Transtic Nerve). W00t.


Jan. 30th, 2008 06:30 pm
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It's been a while since I've actually updated...

Let's see.

Been taking Japanese classes alongside Photography. I have Color photo this spring, and then I get my certificate. <3 I'll take Japanese 3 in the Fall, helping [livejournal.com profile] flaming_loffel while she takes Japanese 2 during the Spring.

Still don't have a job. D: Gay. I really need to call the photographers in the area and see if they need assistants. Of the 3, only one lists an address, and I seriously have no idea what to say over the phone... Any ideas?

The first Chapter of MidnighTokyo was sent off to Japan for the competition, just a few days shy of Christmas. I was tired of it and glad to be done, I am not kidding. But I like it. I'm proud of it, and I'm confident that it'll do well. Especially since I had a dream that it did. ^-^

ALA came and went, and I already updated with that.

Ari and I are working out details for Anime Expo. If anyone is going and needs a place to stay, let us know. We're always looking for roommates.

December 30th, my sister cut my hair. For those that don't know me too well, I had been growing my hair out since July 2002, when it was just above chin-length. It was at my butt by the time my sister hacked it off, and now it's roughly shoulder length. So, that was a major thing to us. Five and a half years of my life is now tied up in a Ziplock to either be sold or made into extensions. I'm also pretty interested in getting an Iple House Doll (Soo Ri, in particular), and would consider making a wig out of my leftovers, as well. But that's down the line.

And then a very tiny thing: Gackt killed my car radio. Right after Thanksgiving, I was driving to school and went over... not even a pothole. A large imperfection in the asphalt on the interchange, and my radio skipped while playing "Vanilla." Not only did it skip, but all buttons ceased to respond. And after hitting Reset, the radio pretty much spiraled down into electronic death. This radio, like my hair, was in my life for 5 and a half years. I loved it, it was the best radio that I could have asked for, for that price. And it was even a conversation piece. Well, it was dead and obsolete and beyond repair. Got a new one though, and it was installed right after the semester ended. Nowhere near as cool and nowhere near as handy to use, but it is easy to use, it isn't ugly, and it plays MP3s. XD My old one didn't do that.

Gackt is no longer allowed inside my car. Furthermore, this CD in question was literally pried out of the radio with pliers and a screwdriver and promptly thrown into the microwave for a 20-second victory celebration.


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