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[23:37] ysizm: :O the power went out?
[23:37] RivetSPOOn: in one corner of the house
[23:37] ysizm: yours? XD;
[23:37] RivetSPOOn: no
[23:37] RivetSPOOn: the one with the internet
[23:38] ysizm: ahh, yea >.>;
[23:38] RivetSPOOn: yeah
[23:38] RivetSPOOn: so
[23:38] RivetSPOOn: long story
[23:38] RivetSPOOn: Bathroom has a huge trail of ants leading to the carpet
[23:38] RivetSPOOn: mom and I get rid of them, I use the vacuum to get them out of the carpet
[23:39] RivetSPOOn: that corner goes black when I plugged it in to that particular socket
[23:39] RivetSPOOn: rather, after.
[23:39] RivetSPOOn: so I'm guessing it was a coincidence
[23:39] ysizm: yea
[23:39] RivetSPOOn: power comes back on, goes off, comes on
[23:39] RivetSPOOn: stays on
[23:39] RivetSPOOn: goes off, comes back on while I'm watching netflix
[23:39] RivetSPOOn: goes off again.
[23:40] RivetSPOOn: Hasn't come back on for 15 minutes
[23:40] RivetSPOOn: well shit.
[23:40] RivetSPOOn: so I contort my shoulder to get the modem and router plugs out from the dusty corner
[23:40] RivetSPOOn: plug them into the battery back up
[23:41] RivetSPOOn: Mom, how long does the battery last?
[23:41] RivetSPOOn: 20 minutes
[23:41] RivetSPOOn: ...........
[23:41] ysizm: D:
[23:41] RivetSPOOn: went to find another extension cord
[23:41] RivetSPOOn: meaning I've plugged them into one already
[23:41] RivetSPOOn: and one of them is ON an extension cord
[23:42] RivetSPOOn: so there's this line of 3 extension cords going around the corner and into the bathroom
[23:42] RivetSPOOn: presto, I have internet :D
[23:42] ysizm: fdkfhd hahah XD
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eidfjaiufeofldksfjds OMG You have no idea how excited I am for this:

Rammstein are back in the States for a small tour, and I've been wanting to see them for like 8 years, so this is pretty epic for me. I need SOMEONE to go with, though, or I can't go at all.

After fees, cheap tickets are $65, and the expensiver ones are $100. I'd prefer the cheap seats, and that probably means General Admission, so comfy shoes are a necessity.

The date is May 20th, the venue is The Forum in Inglewood, and tickets go on sale tomorrow morning.
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More Convention blabber - Day 3 )

So.... yeah. We made that 1400 mile drive in 25 hours. After a full night's rest. If you've never done conventions, let me tell you something: Your average convention nut gets about 10-12 hours of sleep TOTAL all weekend. :D I think I did a little better than that, but I wasn't keeping track. Into the car we go. Onto the road.

Did a couple of gas stops, of course... in the middle of nowhere... We first pulled over after passing yet another prison... Gee, the gas is nearly $3 here and it looks like we can get mugged easily. Let's keep going, right? Well we found our way back into Silent Hill. All these dilapidated houses everywhere... We find a tiny little gas station with two pumps and a shit-ton of bugs crawling around. It's 11 at night and BTW I still have my Akira makeup on. O_O Otherwise known as THIS GUY WITH THE HORNS. After pumping the gas, I want the receipt! So I go to the window since they're obviously still in there counting out. I ask for the receipt and the guy has this look of "I'mma get my shotgun!" on his face as he shouts to me that they're closed. O____O;;; ok.... I just wanted the piece of paper...

Continue driving and I'm about to fall asleep not far from El Paso. It's about 2 in the morning, so we pull over to look for a motel. The Freakin' Super 8 is booked :| Found a Budget Inn and forked over $55 for three people to sleep in a room for less than 8 hours. Whatever. Free WiFi. And a dead cockroach in the bathroom. Checkout was at 11 FFS. :| Good night!


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Okay, fuckers. Due to some INTERESTING NEWS I HAVE BEEN TOLD, I am going to A-kon next year.

Even if I have to rob a bank to do it.

The reason is, INUGAMI CIRCUS-DAN is going to be there, their FIRST show in the US, with a Q&A and an autograph session. I basically have to be there or commit honorable suicide! So I'm going!

Is anyone on my f-list going? I AM CURIOUS.

Clearly [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens is.
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Yessi: I got my iPod cord and new iPod. :D I can haz music plz?
Me: Sure! *plugs in iPod*
Computer: You need iTunes 8.0 or higher.
Apple: You have Windows 2000. Your computer is made of fail and can't have iTunes 8.0, let alone higher.
Us: .... WTF. *goes through music files and dumps them onto flash card* *takes flash card to lap top with Win XP*
Computer: You need iTunes. At all.
Me: Duh. *Downloads and plugs in iPod and inserts card*
Computer: Hey look. You have stuff.
iTunes: Hey look. Your iPod has stuff.
Me: Yes. Now put my stuff and put it on the iPod.
Yessi: You should be able to drag and drop.
iTunes: *laughs*
Yessi: Make a new playlist and then drag and drop.
iTunes: You're funny.
Yessi: Import...?
iTunes: Import what? A .txt file? Sure!
Me: ...
Yessi: The sync button?
iTunes: OH HEY LOOK WHAT ELSE I FOUND OF YOURS! You want that, too, right??
Me: Wait... no...? Just the crap on my card. Not the stuff on the laptop.
iTunes: GOT IT. *takes off everything from the iPod and replaces it with EVERYTHING found, including shit we don't want*
Me: Yessi, you can just delete the stuff you don't want, right?
Yessi: Not with the iPod.
Me: ...........


My little MP3 player is amazing. Except it holds a whopping 256 MB. That's an ALBUM. >:(
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It only took me all summer to get around to it but I finally made a Ring tone file of Glenn Beck exploding at a Troll calling his radio program. I've wanted it since July but every time I thought of it I didn't have access to record it. I still need to convert it to MP3 and send it to my phone but the audio is ripped and ready.

Same thing for Senator Grayson proclaiming what he feels Republican health care reform entails: "DIE QUICKLY" I couldn't stop laughing after I'd recorded it. X'D Mah cheeks are stained with tears. That one's going as my Text message alert since the MGS Codec one is so freaking loud @_@

I'd do the "Mmm Mmm Mmm! Barack Hussein Obama!" one from the Jersey elementary school but the audio's such crap that nobody would understand it when it went off. :(

Anyway. If either of those sounds interesting to you guys, let me know and I'll send it your way. <3
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My speech teacher is 50. He's got a few kids, so it's not... terribly surprising, but it was amusing.

In class today, we were talking about expressing emotions.

He, a classmate, and I, quoted the Ren and Stimpy show. Specifically, the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song.

And he challenged us to make sure we were all on the same page. XD

I almost got up and started the song and dance I was so amused.

Oh, and I informed my Anthro teacher of the wonder that is Sasuke/Ninja Warrior since she likes to watch adults swing and dangle from Monkey bars.
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K, Winter session is over after today, Thursday. I have a Japanese Culture final and an essay to do. I just finished my EPIC ESSAY IS EPIC Pirates and Ninjas research essay for English 1A. 3200+ words dedicated to why Pirates are way better. Oh yeah, I said it. *raises the roof, pirate style*

Spring session starts next week. I'll have 11 units, 12 if I can get into the Yoga class. That's basically full time. I'll be taking Japanese 4, Contemp. US Hisory, (maybe) Intermediate Yoga [who the hell waitlists for YOGA?! Me, that's who.], and Health Science. I've got like 30 more units to take before I transfer to CSU, and then another 33 there, hopefully. I'll cry if there are more that I haven't been made aware of. But i can MAYBE do those 33 in a year, get my BA (on top of my three AA's and one AS, I shit you not), and go to Japan on a work visa. That's my goal in life now.


Bingbing gave me a sinus cold that left me feeling like crap all weekend, and it's still hanging in there, but between the bursts of completely plugged nostrils, I'm feeling better. If I had Hall's I'd be fine, I'm sure.

My MUCC singles, Sora to Ito, came in the mail this week. In them were vouchers for a Valentine's card from one of the members, but even if the thing was open to overseas fans, the postmark deadline was impossible to meet between the two mailing schedule times. After having my teacher translate the instructions for me, though, I've resolved to mail the damn thing in anyway, reminding them that they have these fans over here on the other side of the world known as OUTSIDE OF JAPAN that would love these stupid little trinkets from them. You know, the ones that they GOT JET LAG FOR. Yeesh. I'm not petty. Really.
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SERIES FINALE WTF O________O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dsfjsjfhdskfhdsjgfskdehfkdsjfh ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111onetwelvefourteen

I'm ready to cry!!!!!!


Nov. 24th, 2008 07:40 pm
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Vista has got to be the worst Windows OS for laptops. EVAR.

Not only is everything a damned act of Congress to do, you don't have a mouse and thus lack the patience to sit there for 238473843784362 hours getting all the settings right so that it's nowhere near as annoying or frustrating to GET ANYTHING DONE as Alzheimer's. HOLY SHIT.

It's here!

Sep. 8th, 2008 02:42 pm
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After ordering like... all the way back in late June.

All arrived today. ^^ *does a happy dance*
Kamikaze would have arrived like... a month sooner but it was in the same box as Ageha, as was reinforced upon opening and finding my B type Ageha with Kamikaze, and A type Ageha all by its lonesome on the other side of the box. XD A type Ageha was later added into the order when the cover designs were released. No such thing as too much of your favorite band members So now I have two MUCC posters and ... Shit, how many of DRay... At least 3. XD

I'm buying me some frames tonight! :D
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And the last of it.

Day 4 )



Mar. 6th, 2008 10:23 pm
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I found something from Mexico that I like and want more of.


This information must not leave the Internetz.
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It's about time that I updated with this. D:

K, so after getting back from my sister's on New Year's Day since Chazzle those that shall not be named moved our signage/bag stuffing day to the first, Ari and I high-tailed it to Granola Hills at like... 6 pm since traffic was just PEACHY between Arizona and California. But we got there and helped Evan get the signs put together and whatnot.

Did whatever on Wednesday.

On to the Convention! )

A great con, all in all, as it tends to be. Things will go more smoothly this year meetings-wise, hopefully. Enjoy!
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After some issues with compatibility (Read: Win 95 drivers installing onto Win 2K, and being so incompatible that I was unable to remove it, or anything else for that matter. I had to reinstall Win 2K to overwrite everything, including hardware drivers for which I do not and never have possessed a disk, and reinstall all of my old software), I was able to install my Zip Drive 100MB Parallel Port, and get all of my old files off of the disks.

These files include, but are not limited to:

  • Art files from Photoshop 4.0-5.0 days
  • Art from artists whose sites have died, or who have actually died
  • Pictures of animals that I downloaded a decade ago
  • Fan Fictions that have probably dropped off the face of the Internet
  • Posters that I scanned and pieced together.

:D I'll upload my old arts onto DArt soon.

BTW, this message posted from Cow, not Moo. ^_^
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People to draw* before I die**

  • BUCK-TICK - Atsushi Sakurai
  • BUCK-TICK - Yutaka Higushi
  • Dir en Grey - DIE
  • Kagrra, - Isshi
  • Never Land - Hitoshi
  • D'espairsRay - Hizumi
  • D'espairsRay - Tsukasa
  • Malice Mizer - Yu~ki
  • Klaha
  • Gackt
  • Bleach - Renji Abarai

That's about all I can think of right now.

*: by "draw," I mean, "draw in charcoal on very large paper that can't be scanned all that easily."
**: by "die," I mean, "am maimed and lose my right hand."

okay guys

Jul. 23rd, 2007 06:29 pm
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I need a good P2P recommendation.

I've used Napster (no comment), BearShare (never had what I wanted), LimeWire (nothing ever downloaded), WinMX (it died), and SoulSeek is what I use now. I like SoulSeek, but I'm needing rarer stuff and it can only deliver so much. I'd like an alternative. Something popular in Japan would be neat.

And don't say "Torrent." I would like something that gives me more than 0.1 kb/s download speed, and that actually WORKS.

I typically only go for MP3s, but once in a while I get a bug up my ass and go looking for Music Videos and Live recordings. So, keep that in mind.

And for the record, I buy what I like, as I can afford it. If it wasn't for p2p and internet radio, I would never have discovered 2/3s of the artists in my CD collection. I think most people can attest to that.
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I think I'll be taking three classes this fall, mainly because one class doesn't give me homework, but I might not take that class... Never mind. Money won't be an issue. I still have plenty of paper. Anyway.
Japanese 2.
Darkroom Techniques
and Business Grammar. Oooh yeah. This one's online. ^_^

Second. Jen from Anime Expo's Artist Alley (former head of the department) linked us to the Second International Manga competition hosted by Kodansha's Morning Magazine. Kodansha, for those not in the know, publish Vagabond, Black Jack, and.... if you don't know those... Sailormoon. If you don't know what Sailormoon is, stop reading.
The deadline is Dec. 31 2007, 12-50 pages limit, in English or Japanese.

We're using Midnight Tokyo, our private Roleplay game. XD

Third. Since all of our characters are either initially or secondarily modeled after a real life person, I had to go on a hunt to get more pictures of one of the more prominent characters. Since he's not so prominent in the music world (and recently retired this spring! :O), this meant going on a chain link hunt for blogs of the band members of the four bands that he was in (simultaneously) and looking for camera phone pictures of him. I was very successful, and even found a handful of live shots of him performing.

After three hours of this last night, I've fit the bill of "obsessing" over this guy. Fortunately, even though he retired from music (probably just a long hiatus; health got in the way), he still hangs out with the bands on occasion, and thus I can still get pictures periodically. ^-^

One day I'll update with Anime Expo.


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