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Ok so the last time I went to PMX was 2004, its first year. There was no Artist Alley, and by the time there was, the convention had not grown. At all. If anything it shrank. It's still doing ok, but they haven't expanded much, partly because they changed dates a lot, and locations even more.

So registration for a table was a huuuuge cluster fuck but thankfully [profile] catnapcaps was splitting her table with me so we worked things out.

She came over the night before and we got ready with our merch and luggage. Drove over, checked in, got our badges, got our table, and started setting up a bit at a time. They had us starting to late in the day, it was weird. But they combined the swap meet with the artist alley so we got to sell all night, which was really nice. Also their tables were SO NARROW that they put two together and gave us more space than we usually get at cons. 8D

Had a lot of people come up to me asking about ALA since registration was going to go up the Monday after PMX, so that was interesting. ~_~

Lots of my ALA buddies were at the con, [profile] rebootable was actually able to make it and stayed in the room with us...

Nothing really spectacular happened, other than decent amounts of sleep. Sold a few things at the swap meet, found a Vagrant Story strategy guide for $5 (I was so excited!), and then a FF12 guide for ~$15. Those were my only purchases. The Dealer's Hall was... OK, but catered to Lolita and fashion more than anything else. There were a few manga booths but they had nothing I needed.

On Saturday [profile] sanjicat and I hung out for a bit and talked about rooming with Kevin from ALA Signage, for ALA.

I didn't do too well in sales but I mostly made back the cost of the con/hotel, the bulk of which CNC paid for since I was driving her. >_> Made a few new buddies though :3

Rebootable took CNC home on Sunday and that was that. 3 days of PMX, over.
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More Convention blabber - Day 3 )

So.... yeah. We made that 1400 mile drive in 25 hours. After a full night's rest. If you've never done conventions, let me tell you something: Your average convention nut gets about 10-12 hours of sleep TOTAL all weekend. :D I think I did a little better than that, but I wasn't keeping track. Into the car we go. Onto the road.

Did a couple of gas stops, of course... in the middle of nowhere... We first pulled over after passing yet another prison... Gee, the gas is nearly $3 here and it looks like we can get mugged easily. Let's keep going, right? Well we found our way back into Silent Hill. All these dilapidated houses everywhere... We find a tiny little gas station with two pumps and a shit-ton of bugs crawling around. It's 11 at night and BTW I still have my Akira makeup on. O_O Otherwise known as THIS GUY WITH THE HORNS. After pumping the gas, I want the receipt! So I go to the window since they're obviously still in there counting out. I ask for the receipt and the guy has this look of "I'mma get my shotgun!" on his face as he shouts to me that they're closed. O____O;;; ok.... I just wanted the piece of paper...

Continue driving and I'm about to fall asleep not far from El Paso. It's about 2 in the morning, so we pull over to look for a motel. The Freakin' Super 8 is booked :| Found a Budget Inn and forked over $55 for three people to sleep in a room for less than 8 hours. Whatever. Free WiFi. And a dead cockroach in the bathroom. Checkout was at 11 FFS. :| Good night!
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BACK FROM A-KON, PEOPLE!! OMG I have a week of catching up to do on Facebook, twitter, LJ, DeviantArt, forums.... SOB.


Highlights include:
Stress-free packing (a first since 2004!)
25 hours of traveling to get to Dallas from the Inland Empire.
The girl in the check-in line not being Mandy.
The Alphabet game at 2 in the morning with minimal road signs and even less light to see them. But it kept me awake.
Buzz Lightyear on the building wall across from our hotel window, Crown Royal in the reflection of our building wall on the Citibank building next to Buzz Lightyear.
A gorgeous view of Dallas from our 20th floor window.
Cure magazine wanting our photo as we wandered around dressed as Inugami Akira and Kyouko.
The SeikimaII concert right after. :D
Meeting other Inugami cosplayers.
Making new Artist Alley friends.
Getting my Inugami art signed by the band.
Getting. My. Melon. Farming. AKIRA HORNS. Signed. By. The. Band. *flips her shit*
Seeing Manny again. :D
His GPS having a dumb.
The 5 Silent Hills we drove through.
Waffle House babysitters.
Coming home to overcast and 91 traffic. Dallas ain't got shit on our Rush Hour.


Full report someday because it will be LONG. I was gone for almost a week.
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/frets forever


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Okay, fuckers. Due to some INTERESTING NEWS I HAVE BEEN TOLD, I am going to A-kon next year.

Even if I have to rob a bank to do it.

The reason is, INUGAMI CIRCUS-DAN is going to be there, their FIRST show in the US, with a Q&A and an autograph session. I basically have to be there or commit honorable suicide! So I'm going!

Is anyone on my f-list going? I AM CURIOUS.

Clearly [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens is.


Sep. 13th, 2009 10:46 am
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Heading home from my sister's today. Yes, I have a sister. :b Only half of one, but still. Anyway, we watched the DC rally yesterday. Official estimates range anywhere from 60,000 to 2 million, depending on who you ask. ;D Oh, and the DC police suggested 1.2 million, despite the street and traffic cams being turned off. There were about 1,000 at the Temecula rally that my dad went to. My niece is sick or we would have gone to the rally in Phoenix. Maybe. I mean, it was only 106 F there XP

Re: the class, my Speech teach told us to e-mail him Thursday night about our wait list status. I either e-mailed him Thursday night or Friday mor.... Friday afternoon. *nods* I did it after we arrived at my sister's. About 8 pm he got back to me about my status, telling me that I was in. I didn't get that e-mail until Saturday morning, however, and by then apparently the registration had closed. I told him my situation and he just told me that tomorrow he'd talk to the Dean about an appeal. T^T Why I care so much is that I have this semester's classes and then one last class before I can leave. He told me that they're not offering this class in the Winter, and I need this class to transfer in the Spring. (As Mom pointed out, how many people beg to get into a Speech class? XP) Cross your fingers!!

My sister bleached my roots yesterday but we didn't do the dying, so I have orange bangs with blonde roots, and chocolate hair with copper roots. It's quite interesting. :D

Probably going to buy a Neo Genesis 27 copy when I get back, from a girl in the UK. >> Seeing hers up for sale made me realize how much I liked that MUCC photoshoot. Siiigh, Satochi and Miya in tight pants... There's one up for grabs on eBay for $35; hers I can get for $25 and it's in good condition. :D Anyway...

I need to get dressed and pack up to leave now. See you in 8 hours? D: @_@
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She has a wig now!

Pictures tonight. ^________________________________________________________^

I'm gonna try to braid it.

Leaving for Arizona tomorrow morning. Coming back Saturday night.

I knoooooow she looks like she's got jaundice. DX The pastels I mixed were a lot yellower on her than on the paper I mixed them on. When I open her eyes I'll make her rosier. :D
Eyes will be ordered on the 15th this month, and then... they should be here by June.
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Doesn't seem as bad as the last time, but I am still technically sick.

Having some personal issues to work through.

Off to Arizona for the weekend, come Thursday.
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It's about time that I updated with this. D:

K, so after getting back from my sister's on New Year's Day since Chazzle those that shall not be named moved our signage/bag stuffing day to the first, Ari and I high-tailed it to Granola Hills at like... 6 pm since traffic was just PEACHY between Arizona and California. But we got there and helped Evan get the signs put together and whatnot.

Did whatever on Wednesday.

On to the Convention! )

A great con, all in all, as it tends to be. Things will go more smoothly this year meetings-wise, hopefully. Enjoy!
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Christmas went well. Grandma came down and spent the weekend with us (that's always interesting; she finally decided to get one of her eyes fixed, so now she can SEE omgf, but she still can't hear for shit, so 90% of the time there was, "HUH?" followed by louder versions to what was just said).

I had a christmas party at Momo Sushi, which involved many drunk Asians and Karaoke. >:D Katsu and I did a duet of "Yesterday" ^______^ Didn't get home until 3am.

Had breakfast on Monday morning, then we opened presents:

  • The Little Mermaid DVD (amongst various TLM goodies from the grocery store :DD)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2 DVD
  • A CD holder from IKEA, which now houses all of my JRock and makes more room for the Industrial CD holder. XD
  • A pocket knife just like my dad's and grandpa's.
  • Malice Mizer re-releases (have yet to be delivered)
  • Portable DVD player (and a hair dryer, while we're on the subject of Portable)
  • A wallet (with money inside!)
  • Disturbed's "Ten Thousand Fists"
  • ...and a lot of little things.

More to come after we visit my sister in Arizona. :3

And then dinner, which was fairly unorganized. Four things needed the oven, and we have One oven. So, the five of us danced around each other in the kitchen and backyard, utilizing the Oven, the Stove, the Toaster Oven, the Turkey Fryer, and the Barbeque, and in only a couple hours, dinner was served. ^^

And then we watched The Little Mermaid because, as many hundreds of times I'd watched it as a child, she'd never seen it. D:!
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Okey dokey. Time for AX impressions since I have the afternoon off and all my friends (count 'em: 2) are busy~!

AX day 0 )

AX day 1 )

AX day 2 )


May. 28th, 2005 11:56 pm
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K, gonna be in San Francisco till Wednesday.

Gonna see http://www.despairsray.jp/ live. Secks.
Hopefully nobody will bitch about my driving. If they do. Heh. :) *plots evilly*


PS: 1280x960 resolution blows.
1600x1200 <3


Feb. 16th, 2005 02:30 pm
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Leaving for Vegas today. Come back Sunday.

Leave a message after the beep.


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