Feb. 17th, 2012 02:52 pm
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Ok so I'm obviously still obsessing over dolls, but I'm almost done with the ones I really want to have, and that's a good thing!

So right now I'm working on Mikki and I have a head decided on. I'm 95% sure on the body but don't have it yet, and I'm also considering performing some severe modifications to his head. But I have to wait for the body so that I don't screw up the proportions. D8

Anyway, here is what we have:
Dream of Doll Code 02 (For sale!!), Nabarro's Boy Har (Mikki), and Iplehouse Luo (Haydn).

As you can see, Har in the middle has the narrowest face. (His ears are also a little high, but oh well.) He's also got some really nice cheekbones. :D You can see the difference in resin color: Code is PINK. Not Pinkish, but freaking PINK. Important to note this because Mikki's body will be the same color. :| The body is a year old, however, so there's a good chance he's mellowed.
Har is a nice pinky peach. ♥ I plan on opening his eyes a little more.
Luo, for about a month, was a supposed Rose White (white with pink undertones, making him and his sister gorgeous gingers) but has since turned into this smoker's yellow. (Hayvn is on her way to this color but she's gone about it much more slowly).

Regarding wigs, Code fits into Hayvn's 8-9 wigs fine, Har on the other hand needs the 9-10" wigs I bought for Luo, who magically can wriggle into most of Hayvn's 8-9" wigs. This means that Har has a giant-ass crown, despite his narrow face. I do not approve. *readies the Dremel* See how Har's head is about as deep as Luo's, arguably a little deeper? And yet his face is nearly 1/3 narrower.

Here you can also see the difference in their profiles. Code is beyond stylized while Har and Luo are more realistically based. Note the anime nose and cartoony ears, and the nonexistent cheekbones. And the ridiculously tall forehead, but that was nothing a Dremel wouldn't fix. :D

Here we see the thickness differences. Guess which one is which! Har weighs more than Code or Luo. Significantly more. You can see why, but the point is this can render him top heavy depending on the engineering of the body. *Dremel whirs in background* Yes, those are magnets in the resin nice and secure. :O

And there's the difference in neck hole sizes. Luo sits on a 13cm neck but has a significant gap, so the hole is obviously bigger. Code on the other hand sits on a 9.5-10cm neck, and Har just... well... Is oddly shaped, actually.

Mods will include shaving down the headcap rest, making it sit lower, and more than likely I'll turn him into a face plate system, allowing me to make his head shallower. Once I do that, I can grind away the excessive resin inside, making him lighter. :3 I might cut his lips apart but we'll see.
The body on the other hand is a smidge tall and also the calves are ridiculously long, so I'll be hacking those off a cm or two.
All in all he's costing close to $600 without accessories, which is a lot more than I was planning to spend on him, but... In the end it'll be worth it.

After this I just need to find an Issa doll.
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