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K so uhm holidays and stuff. Happened. Blah.



New (free) printer.

Doll money OMG.

More holidays.

Imperative Reaction concert, New Year's.

Getting ready for ALA.

I'll update later. On all of it, in theory.
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*quietly orders belt buckles for her doll* I ordered 10 and paid $12 at one site when I could have ordered 10 and paid $10 at another, but the second site is badly managed.

Uhmm... Hm. Trevor's condition is still fluctuating. He's not bouncing back like he had been. Saw a giant goober of snot on his nose, though, so the sneezing might stop.

I had to draw different skulls for Anthropology. :O

Went to Club Skandal with Hannah for Halloween. I dressed as a priest. No pictures.

Yessi painted Satochi's portrait for me with watercolors. :D I love it.

Got the seating chart for Artists' Alley all done. Will be posting that soon.

Date on Saturday and my sister+niece are coming to visit :D

The end.
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Apparently units have been $20, and they just went up to $26 this semester. I just paid the outstanding $137 that the system neglected to inform me of. 9 units for a grand total of $227. Thing is, they took down the "purchase parking" option. o_O Is that now included in the cost? We'll find out.

In other news, there was something that I had neglected to mention regarding Anime Expo: I met a guy.

Apparently the only reason that he'd approached me was because he saw Hayvn's Imperative Reaction Tshirt. Hoh shit, we like the same kind of music. Then he recognized my family name, which is a very rare name. We know nearly everyone that has it, it's that rare. He doesn't have it, but his aunt used to be married to our family. So, that got us talking on a few things. Long story short, his name is Cory and we have a little too much in common. XD Sadly he lives 6 hours away, but he'll be down in September and we'll spend some time together without an artist alley table between us and the hustle and bustle of convention life surrounding us. X3 I'm a little excited; I'm not head over heels for him or anything, but that's because I had a lot going on. He, on the other hand, feels that I was the only good thing to come out of his trip to Anime Expo, so he had more time to reflect.

Anyway, maybe we can go clubbing. If not we'll find something "normal" to do. XD
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So lats night I took my sister to Club Skandal because she really wanted to go out with me. And my "I took her" I mean, she drove and paid, I directed her to where it was. XP

We came home from Grandma's, ate a little bit, changed, and went on our way. We were a half hour after doors opened, and nobody was dancing. Oh, well. We got drinks and sat. I liked the music that was playing, but I wasn't familiar with it, so there was no way in hell I was gonna dance by myself to songs I didn't know at all. Finally, something I recognized was on and I got up and danced around a little. I was wearing a white shirt underneath black lights, so I kinda stuck out despite how dark the corner was. XD Sat back down when I realized I was still out of shape/exhausted/overheating.

It was at least 10pm by the time anyone else started dancing. And by that, I mean ONE PERSON was on the floor. I got up and joined him, and soon the guy that I later dubbed the "Rooster Dancer" joined in, and then a few more guys finally got the sticks out of their asses. :D

It took a couple of drinks to get my sister to dance; she was very insecure about fitting in and not looking like an idiot (she already felt weird with how she was dressed compared to the fishnets and chains and spikes and corsets that everyone else had on); but she finally went out and we danced together and she got comfortable fairly quickly.

The DJ had a hard-on for "Deutschmaschine" by And One, and ended up playing it three times that night, along with "Panzermensch". X3 And One is awesome; they can get any party started.

Saw a couple people from Tremors before it died; one didn't recognize me, I didn't recognize the other one, but booooy did he know me. ^^;;; His spiked bracelet smacked my hand when it came flying off of him, and then we started talking when I went to the bar to get a drink. He was the bouncer that one night at Tremors and even remembered me introducing myself as "SPOOn," so... *shrugs* He was amusing. ^^

Then my sister and I left for food and went home. She had fun, which makes me happy. :3


Jan. 18th, 2006 08:51 pm
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I have a new icon. :D

School starts around St. Valentine's Day.
Taking Intermediate Photo, Digital Photo, and Beginning Drawing. Why Beginning Drawing? Because I like the teacher. ^^
That's 9 units, 4 mornings a week; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Working hopefully 30 hours a week.

I'm going to AnimeLA with Mandy and David. I'll be volunteering.

February 3rd I have a concert with Jarred, his friend, and Atari. It's Tiger Army and Imperative Reaction. If we can't get tickets, we'll just go to a club.

Kyle got me on a PETA kick; I'm going to try and switch most of my products (soaps, shampoos, household cleaners) over to those that don't test on animals. What's the point of that? Well, there isn't a goverment mandate that says companies need to test on animals. That said, animal testing in and of itself is inconclusive and to a point, utterly useless for us as humans. Testing liquids on a rabbit's eye tells us nothing in regards to what it'll do to ours, as a rabbit's eye is virtually nothing like ours. Our skin has certain sensitivities that animals' don't, and vice versa. What burns their skin might be fine on ours. With that in mind, even if a product kills, burns, maims, or blinds an animal, they can still market it: They've tested it, and it's ok to market it.
And yes, there are other methods for testing products. Methods that involve human skin cells (or even stem cells), and not living, breathing, animals that are dissimilar to us. They're expensive, but they won't always be, and supporting the companies that use alternative methods will make it more profitable in the end. And there is a list of said companies.

*scratches head* I think that's about it.


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