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So, PMX is coming up in a few weeks, and my art sucks. (Not utterly, but... well... it doesn't sell.)

So, after submitting art to 4chan, I actually got some great advice and help amidst the insults.

I'm now taking it upon myself to redraw my Jrock portraits. In particular, the Black Tank top series. Finished Toaster tonight, working on Miya right now. Yujje and Satochin afterward, and maybe Tsukasa if I have any time left. I might go back to PolyKarbon to get more tips from less anonymous sources. XD

I also want to get my Mortal Kombat!Scorpion art up to snuff since MK9 is coming out soon, so hopefully I can get some pose help with that.

I'll scan it all when it's ready to be colored. :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Been working on this for a while. What I'm most impressed with is that I can flip it and it still looks good. :D


May. 22nd, 2010 12:14 am
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The only thing worse than deciding to draw an Epic Crossover Drawing of EPICNESS at 11x17 is my idiocy to plan on drawing another one that A) won't be half as epic and B) won't be seen by many because not only is it NC17, it's got teh man secks with 4 mans in it.

I guess my only saving grace with the second one is that I don't plan on making it Watercolor, so the lineart doesn't need to be PERFECTO.

BTW the Epic(TM) is uh.... well... epic, but I forget. :| I'm hoping it'll be done by JUNE but IDK, man. IDK.
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And here I thought Zin was gonna take forever.
Akira is kicking my ass. But he looks so freakin' good doin' it so it's mildly okay. I have half of his hair, his horns, and his belt, and then I'm done with his top half. After that it's onto the legs, boots, and tail!

And then I get to do the background..... FFFF

In related news, I've had this Wacom Intuos for nearly ten years. I got it my junior year in high school, and I'm class of '02. I'm still on the original pen nib, but Now alluva sudden I think I should change it since it's no longer... round. For the first time in a decade, I can't find the replacements. :||||

Also, I haven't said anything in a while: Trevor's doing fine. He's got some mucus-related breathing issues, but he's still on Potassium (6ml a day), and we've gotten him a fourth kind of antibiotic which he still hates but wtfe, cat. If I get this stuff in my mouth, I don't mind at all. >:D (Also it seems to be helping better than the other stuff did, WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HOW IT TASTES TO ME). And past all that he's actually doing fairly well! He's 17 so he's not a spring chicken anymore (nor is he grooming) but he's social, he eats, he cuddles with us a LOT, and he goes outside still.

Oh, and we're closing my parents' office down this month. Thank you, Carter/Bush1/Clinton/Bush2/Obama administration. I blame all of you for this, because you're the ones that didn't see a problem with giving loans to people that couldn't afford them. And then of course we all blame the banks/lenders/evil brokers when these people have to foreclose on their homes because SURPRISE they can't make the payments. How dare they expect these people to pay their debts like responsible adults!
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Here he is with base shading down.

Now is the time to nitpick and critique because once I start refining it you're just gonna get the Finger in response. XD

Akira Shades

I can already think of a few things I've forgotten... =_=

Anybody think I should pierce his ears?
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Inugami Kyouko

Akira or Jyouji next?

Zin goes last because he will be the haaaaaaaaaaardest. @_@ Oh, wait. You guys haven't seen the sketches yet. D:!

Inugami Jyouji Inugami Akira Inugami Zin
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Here's the latest I've been working on this week. :D

Inugami Kyouko of Inugami Circus-dan.

Since the band will be at A-kon, I'm working feverishly to get their four portraits done.

Yes, I realize there's something off about her one sleeve.
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Alright. I need to start getting ready for this con. I have 6+ new prints to make in the 3 months. I also want to start making 11x14 prints, but the problem will be if I make too much or not enough. Make too much, I wasted money. Make too few, I can't make more once I sell out. So, I've figured that I can bring 3-4 of my more popular prints, no more than 2 of anything that's sold at all. Trouble is, I'm not that popular to begin with, so if I can get some extra opinions, that would be awesome. I want my display to catch some attention, but a lot of my pieces use the same three colors only: Black, White, and Red.

On to the Inventory:
Renji Kenpachi Ikkaku Yumichika Yachiru - Renji sells fine on his own sometimes, and Yachiru has only ever sold as part of the full set.

Geisha Probably gets the most comments, and is currently sold out. Looking to tweak the colors some to get more attention.

Lioness Siberian Tygress SS Trio Probably my three most popular, though 2 and 3 not so much lately. I think it's because I "enhanced" them too much.
Scorpion and Wife Scorpion and Wife 2 Scorpion in Chains These ones did okay in the past, but not so much lately.

I know what hasn't sold, and that's mostly my new stuff, which boggles my mind. Some of the things that are popular here haven't moved once in Artist Alleys. So, I'd like to know which of my works that you like and that aren't listed above (My Gallery), should be included in the 11x14 pile, even if for no other reason than display purposes.
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by ~rivetspoon on deviantART

Even though she's quite secular >> Anyway.

Enjoy! She'll be at ALA next month. :D
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People to draw* before I die**

  • BUCK-TICK - Atsushi Sakurai
  • BUCK-TICK - Yutaka Higushi
  • Dir en Grey - DIE
  • Kagrra, - Isshi
  • Never Land - Hitoshi
  • D'espairsRay - Hizumi
  • D'espairsRay - Tsukasa
  • Malice Mizer - Yu~ki
  • Klaha
  • Gackt
  • Bleach - Renji Abarai

That's about all I can think of right now.

*: by "draw," I mean, "draw in charcoal on very large paper that can't be scanned all that easily."
**: by "die," I mean, "am maimed and lose my right hand."
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I think I'll be taking three classes this fall, mainly because one class doesn't give me homework, but I might not take that class... Never mind. Money won't be an issue. I still have plenty of paper. Anyway.
Japanese 2.
Darkroom Techniques
and Business Grammar. Oooh yeah. This one's online. ^_^

Second. Jen from Anime Expo's Artist Alley (former head of the department) linked us to the Second International Manga competition hosted by Kodansha's Morning Magazine. Kodansha, for those not in the know, publish Vagabond, Black Jack, and.... if you don't know those... Sailormoon. If you don't know what Sailormoon is, stop reading.
The deadline is Dec. 31 2007, 12-50 pages limit, in English or Japanese.

We're using Midnight Tokyo, our private Roleplay game. XD

Third. Since all of our characters are either initially or secondarily modeled after a real life person, I had to go on a hunt to get more pictures of one of the more prominent characters. Since he's not so prominent in the music world (and recently retired this spring! :O), this meant going on a chain link hunt for blogs of the band members of the four bands that he was in (simultaneously) and looking for camera phone pictures of him. I was very successful, and even found a handful of live shots of him performing.

After three hours of this last night, I've fit the bill of "obsessing" over this guy. Fortunately, even though he retired from music (probably just a long hiatus; health got in the way), he still hangs out with the bands on occasion, and thus I can still get pictures periodically. ^-^

One day I'll update with Anime Expo.

Pop Quiz.

May. 14th, 2005 01:37 am
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Ok, I'll let you guys all re-take the quiz since, as is the point of the POP quiz, you were all caught with your pants down. Or something.

The Question remains:

The piano is White or Black?

There is no right answer.
And there are a few more combinations, but just use your imagination.



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