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I got waitlisted to Fullerton. ,_,


Dec. 3rd, 2009 06:58 pm
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I need one more class before I can transfer.
Trouble is that the one I'd picked isn't offered in the winter session. Of the 5 I can take to satisfy, only one is offered in Winter. And it's all full.

Why not take it in the Spring?

Beeeecause apparently i have a transcript deadline of MARCH. So uhm.... Iiiii don't know what to do.

Might have my deadlines mixed up...
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*quietly orders belt buckles for her doll* I ordered 10 and paid $12 at one site when I could have ordered 10 and paid $10 at another, but the second site is badly managed.

Uhmm... Hm. Trevor's condition is still fluctuating. He's not bouncing back like he had been. Saw a giant goober of snot on his nose, though, so the sneezing might stop.

I had to draw different skulls for Anthropology. :O

Went to Club Skandal with Hannah for Halloween. I dressed as a priest. No pictures.

Yessi painted Satochi's portrait for me with watercolors. :D I love it.

Got the seating chart for Artists' Alley all done. Will be posting that soon.

Date on Saturday and my sister+niece are coming to visit :D

The end.
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My speech teacher is 50. He's got a few kids, so it's not... terribly surprising, but it was amusing.

In class today, we were talking about expressing emotions.

He, a classmate, and I, quoted the Ren and Stimpy show. Specifically, the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song.

And he challenged us to make sure we were all on the same page. XD

I almost got up and started the song and dance I was so amused.

Oh, and I informed my Anthro teacher of the wonder that is Sasuke/Ninja Warrior since she likes to watch adults swing and dangle from Monkey bars.


Oct. 8th, 2009 01:17 pm
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Wahahahahaha all three tests of the week are DONE. Artists' Alley has stopped melting so it can go back in the freezer shortly, and now.


*goes back to translating Mucc blogs*
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First, some background: Around the time Trevor started feeling like crap, two things had happened: The weather had started warming up, and we had added Fancy Feast canned food to their diet. Couple that with him being 16 years old, and you have a whole slue of things that could be causing whatever this is. We knew both of these things might be factors, so we weren't sure what to do. (all the while, our vet is giving us the evil eye and blaming us for this and acting like we torture him. Apparently it's animal cruelty for a cat to live a happy, healthy SIXTEEN YEARS. So if your cat's over ten years old, you might have to run it over before you get caught. o_o)

He'd been sneezing a lot all summer, but the last several nights he had been wheezing heavily.

We took him off Fancy Feast two days ago. About the same time the weather started cooling off XP

He's almost back to normal. As normal as a 16 yr old can be.

And I got into the Speech class, btw. ^^


Sep. 28th, 2009 04:46 pm
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I missed the transfer application deadline by... oh, a month.

Thanks for telling me, counselor.

I get to wait an entire year.
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Apparently units have been $20, and they just went up to $26 this semester. I just paid the outstanding $137 that the system neglected to inform me of. 9 units for a grand total of $227. Thing is, they took down the "purchase parking" option. o_O Is that now included in the cost? We'll find out.

In other news, there was something that I had neglected to mention regarding Anime Expo: I met a guy.

Apparently the only reason that he'd approached me was because he saw Hayvn's Imperative Reaction Tshirt. Hoh shit, we like the same kind of music. Then he recognized my family name, which is a very rare name. We know nearly everyone that has it, it's that rare. He doesn't have it, but his aunt used to be married to our family. So, that got us talking on a few things. Long story short, his name is Cory and we have a little too much in common. XD Sadly he lives 6 hours away, but he'll be down in September and we'll spend some time together without an artist alley table between us and the hustle and bustle of convention life surrounding us. X3 I'm a little excited; I'm not head over heels for him or anything, but that's because I had a lot going on. He, on the other hand, feels that I was the only good thing to come out of his trip to Anime Expo, so he had more time to reflect.

Anyway, maybe we can go clubbing. If not we'll find something "normal" to do. XD
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So, Monday, class registration with my comm. college went live. It's a 24-hour system, so that basically translates to, "At the stroke of midnight, reg goes live." I had every intention of registering for my classes at about 2 in the morning, in particular because 2 of the 4 classes I have left to take at RCC are graduation requirements, which means that everyone and their mother tries to take them, especially in the Fall session. WELL, thanks to getting distracted by Cory (more on that later), I forgot to. XD It was close to 3:30 in the morning, I'd turned the computer off and was about fire up FFXII when I remembered about classes. And calling in my Rx refill. And something else. But whatever. I'd survive if I did it in the morning/afternoon.

Woke up and got online, trying to register 3 of my classes. What a surprise: The school's server was lagging like a snail in a salt pit. After about a half hour, I was able to LOG IN, but after another 2 hours, I was never able to search and register my classes. I decided to take a break and get something to eat, pick up my drugs, and, fuck it, run to Joann's and buy some more fabric for Hayvn. I'm dressed, I'm out, I doubt I'll get into the server.

Midnight rolled around, and I figured I'd give it another shot. Well, it's loading slowly but there aren't any time-outs or disconnections, and I'm not getting locked out due to capacity issues. I finally get to the Search/Reg screen and pick out the most important class, Health Science. Absolutely NOBODY had registered for ANY of the classes available. o_O Same thing with Anthropology, and my Speech class of choice. I had to have been reading it wrong... As I slowly moved on to registering and paying, I saw the Availability slots SLOWLY. SLOOOOOOOOOOOWLY. being whittled down.

Translation: The server crashed and NOBODY got in all day. XD It was amazing.

Oh, and apparently class units are like, $9 now. o_O They were in the $20 range for a while.
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I mean uh yeah.

Lessee... Saturday I went on a date and saw Up. It's awesome, but a bit of a tear jerker; so if you haven't seen it, be prepared for that.

Sunday I made some knee length shorts for Hayvn. They look like microscopic Dickies. X3 I'll get some photos when they're 100% done.

Monday I was supposed to do my yoga final after having slept through the last day of class on the 8th. X| So I showed up and pretended like I was going to take the class, as she'd suggested, and then she told me that since I showed up, I didn't have to do it. D: I nearly fell to the floor and kissed her feet.
After that was [livejournal.com profile] sanjicat's birthday party dinner out in Brea, so I grabbed [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens and we headed out there. After dinner, we all learned a little known fact about the Underground Railroad: It was a viable form of terrorism. Comparable to blowing up buildings. Did you all know that? We didn't. Yes, I'm being facetious.

Tuesday, [livejournal.com profile] firenaux asked me to drive him home from school XD So I hung out with them and watched [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeens play Silent Hill Homecoming. My Dog that game is an orgasm a frame. AND PYRAMID HEAD WAWHDHDFJY90W43R89375U3IHEFDISHFKJHDS F *dies* I'm gonna get the Wii Silent Hill when it comes out (more like when it's $20) and then we can like... be each other's BFFLs.
When I got home I tried my online Anthropology class. After taking the first quiz and failing to understand how the Powerpoints went with the assigned lectures, I dropped the class. I have enough stress these next 8 days; I don't need to make more by watching 5 lectures, hoping they're the right ones, reading 6 chapters in the book, and taking 5 quizzes. ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE that needs to get done for AX.

And then today I made a T-shirt for Hayvn. :D I need to hem the sleeves and bottom but I painted Imperative Reaction's old logo on it. Dude. It is epic. I have enough scrap to make another one but I'm not sure who to put on it. I only have white and yellow fabric paint for the while. :/ I'll try to run to Joann's and find white knit fabric and get some red paint while I'm there.


Apr. 6th, 2009 03:59 pm
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So, the doll arrived Friday, but nobody was there to claim her so my neighbor took her. I had to wait all weekend and endure yoga class waiting to see her. XP (Yoga requires focus and a clear mind, so... yeah. Not happening. Though I actually did okay)

Mom and Dad had a reenactment this past weekend and had left Thursday but Mom got sick and came home. Friday I dropped stuff off for Dad and tried to swing by the office to see if I could pick up the doll but our neighbor had already left. So, Mom stayed home all weekend.

Saturday was the Elfdoll Easter gathering. I took Yessi and Julie and we had a blast seeing everyone again and molesting all the dollies.

Sunday Mom was feeling better and we went to help Dad tear down the White House and load of the trailer. Had other people helping us, too, so we got it all done in like 3 hours, which is amazing. The sun was still up! XD Went for pizza with everyone and then went home.

So now I have my little girl. I swapped heads and boxed up the pretty one after taking pictures, and then I dressed her in the outfit I got at the last Elfdoll gathering's lottery. This brand is clearly not meant for Iplehouse girls, because she can't sit in the pants without them coming undone AND showing off her butt cleavage, and the tank top sits weird on her because of her boobs not hanging that low or something. Basically she gets massive top-cleavage, too. But whatev. I'll make clothes for her myself. ^^ Next I have to open her eyes though. Oh, and her magnets keep popping out of the sockets so her head cap won't stay on now that it's got stuff in it. :(

But I'll post pictures tonight. :D
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K, Winter session is over after today, Thursday. I have a Japanese Culture final and an essay to do. I just finished my EPIC ESSAY IS EPIC Pirates and Ninjas research essay for English 1A. 3200+ words dedicated to why Pirates are way better. Oh yeah, I said it. *raises the roof, pirate style*

Spring session starts next week. I'll have 11 units, 12 if I can get into the Yoga class. That's basically full time. I'll be taking Japanese 4, Contemp. US Hisory, (maybe) Intermediate Yoga [who the hell waitlists for YOGA?! Me, that's who.], and Health Science. I've got like 30 more units to take before I transfer to CSU, and then another 33 there, hopefully. I'll cry if there are more that I haven't been made aware of. But i can MAYBE do those 33 in a year, get my BA (on top of my three AA's and one AS, I shit you not), and go to Japan on a work visa. That's my goal in life now.


Bingbing gave me a sinus cold that left me feeling like crap all weekend, and it's still hanging in there, but between the bursts of completely plugged nostrils, I'm feeling better. If I had Hall's I'd be fine, I'm sure.

My MUCC singles, Sora to Ito, came in the mail this week. In them were vouchers for a Valentine's card from one of the members, but even if the thing was open to overseas fans, the postmark deadline was impossible to meet between the two mailing schedule times. After having my teacher translate the instructions for me, though, I've resolved to mail the damn thing in anyway, reminding them that they have these fans over here on the other side of the world known as OUTSIDE OF JAPAN that would love these stupid little trinkets from them. You know, the ones that they GOT JET LAG FOR. Yeesh. I'm not petty. Really.
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I have 111 more units to take. If I did the math and figuring right. )

I'll be 28 before I can say that I have a real job. I turn 24 next Sunday.


Jan. 30th, 2008 06:30 pm
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It's been a while since I've actually updated...

Let's see.

Been taking Japanese classes alongside Photography. I have Color photo this spring, and then I get my certificate. <3 I'll take Japanese 3 in the Fall, helping [livejournal.com profile] flaming_loffel while she takes Japanese 2 during the Spring.

Still don't have a job. D: Gay. I really need to call the photographers in the area and see if they need assistants. Of the 3, only one lists an address, and I seriously have no idea what to say over the phone... Any ideas?

The first Chapter of MidnighTokyo was sent off to Japan for the competition, just a few days shy of Christmas. I was tired of it and glad to be done, I am not kidding. But I like it. I'm proud of it, and I'm confident that it'll do well. Especially since I had a dream that it did. ^-^

ALA came and went, and I already updated with that.

Ari and I are working out details for Anime Expo. If anyone is going and needs a place to stay, let us know. We're always looking for roommates.

December 30th, my sister cut my hair. For those that don't know me too well, I had been growing my hair out since July 2002, when it was just above chin-length. It was at my butt by the time my sister hacked it off, and now it's roughly shoulder length. So, that was a major thing to us. Five and a half years of my life is now tied up in a Ziplock to either be sold or made into extensions. I'm also pretty interested in getting an Iple House Doll (Soo Ri, in particular), and would consider making a wig out of my leftovers, as well. But that's down the line.

And then a very tiny thing: Gackt killed my car radio. Right after Thanksgiving, I was driving to school and went over... not even a pothole. A large imperfection in the asphalt on the interchange, and my radio skipped while playing "Vanilla." Not only did it skip, but all buttons ceased to respond. And after hitting Reset, the radio pretty much spiraled down into electronic death. This radio, like my hair, was in my life for 5 and a half years. I loved it, it was the best radio that I could have asked for, for that price. And it was even a conversation piece. Well, it was dead and obsolete and beyond repair. Got a new one though, and it was installed right after the semester ended. Nowhere near as cool and nowhere near as handy to use, but it is easy to use, it isn't ugly, and it plays MP3s. XD My old one didn't do that.

Gackt is no longer allowed inside my car. Furthermore, this CD in question was literally pried out of the radio with pliers and a screwdriver and promptly thrown into the microwave for a 20-second victory celebration.
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I think I'll be taking three classes this fall, mainly because one class doesn't give me homework, but I might not take that class... Never mind. Money won't be an issue. I still have plenty of paper. Anyway.
Japanese 2.
Darkroom Techniques
and Business Grammar. Oooh yeah. This one's online. ^_^

Second. Jen from Anime Expo's Artist Alley (former head of the department) linked us to the Second International Manga competition hosted by Kodansha's Morning Magazine. Kodansha, for those not in the know, publish Vagabond, Black Jack, and.... if you don't know those... Sailormoon. If you don't know what Sailormoon is, stop reading.
The deadline is Dec. 31 2007, 12-50 pages limit, in English or Japanese.

We're using Midnight Tokyo, our private Roleplay game. XD

Third. Since all of our characters are either initially or secondarily modeled after a real life person, I had to go on a hunt to get more pictures of one of the more prominent characters. Since he's not so prominent in the music world (and recently retired this spring! :O), this meant going on a chain link hunt for blogs of the band members of the four bands that he was in (simultaneously) and looking for camera phone pictures of him. I was very successful, and even found a handful of live shots of him performing.

After three hours of this last night, I've fit the bill of "obsessing" over this guy. Fortunately, even though he retired from music (probably just a long hiatus; health got in the way), he still hangs out with the bands on occasion, and thus I can still get pictures periodically. ^-^

One day I'll update with Anime Expo.
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I've been asked if I attend summer school in college by quite a few people. Most accept "no" as my answer and leave it at that. I've been asked, "why" a few times, though.

To give you just an example as to the "why," because I KNOW that you care.
*Note: This is Summer 2007, with no employment.

Spring term ends early June.
Anime Expo is late June/early July. I have that time gap to finish up costumes and art prints, without interference.
ComicCon, if I choose to go, is mid/late July. Not looking like I'm going; thank GOD.
Business isn't doing well for my folks, so my dad may or may not be flying back and forth between here and Northern Cali to get some business up there with his brother. That leaves me and Mom to man the salt mines down here, tend to the yard as well as the house, and other sorts of things while he's gone.
PMX is having weekend events in August and September that are open to SPAM volunteers. I've volunteered for the main shifts, but offered my services for the other ones INSTEAD (not also), in case not enough people take the slack for those latter days. That's 16 hours of work, plus driving at LEAST an hour each way, staying over night possibly/most likely.
A friend invited me (if no one else is available) to go with her to Florida from the 27th-31st of August, possibly to the 3rd of September for the sake of sightseeing.

Summer school courses at my college are 4-5 days a week, accelerated, and typically have homework, over the course of 8 weeks.

I. REALLY. Can't understand why I don't bother with Summer school, when it gives me absolutely no advantage over Spring/Fall courses.

And don't get me started on Winter courses.
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Going to JRock Revolution May 25-26. I pwn.
Working to get room mates for Anime Expo. Not so pwn.
Have to write an essay in Japanese. Pwn desu.
Still don't have a job. That so not pwns.
Got the new D'espairsRay album from a friend for Christmas. Major pwnage.
Met a guy that asked for my phone number. Have yet to make a date. ^^



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