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Leaving on Thursday. Making my pirate tunic with Mom's help/supervision tomorrow. No time to make pants, so I'll be wearing grey crops instead. They still look good ^^

Half of my clothes for the weekend are on the floor awaiting packing.
Need to get drugs, make one last set of prints, find the printer CD so that I can install it onto my laptop ON THE RARE CHANCE that I run out of prints. Pfff. I've done that once and yeah. That was a fluke. But whatever.

I'm this close to giving up Artist Alleys. I want to give A-kon's a shot, but that's it. I think I'll quit kidding myself after that.

See ya.
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Joann's had a Simplicity pattern sale for $0.99 this weekend so I went and got a few patterns for Hayvn. ^^ I got ones that I'd want for myself, too, so expect some new outfits for me :D Like black slacks that fit my fat thighs and ass.

I got this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one, which I'm working with right now for the Renn Faire doll gathering at the end of the month. Basically, since she's so small, I take the diagram that shows the pieces I'll need for the project, scan it in and scale it up a bit depending on the pieces, and print it out.

Not as easy as it sounds, because I've found that the pieces aren't to scale with one another. The blouse front and back are to scale to each other, but the sleeve is at half scale by comparison, the skirt probably a third, etc. etc. Fortunately, the bodice aside, this is a pattern of mostly rectangles, so it's not much of a brain teaser to figure out. The gothy costume one looks like it might be close to scale, because it has so few pieces, but I'll find out eventually.

Tomorrow's Easter. We're gonna spend the day with Gramma and I'll introduce her to Hayvn and all her white skin nakedness. XD And try making a few more mock-up pieces while I'm there. X3 I'm so excited! I'm gonna have a doll with clothes! XD Make-up will come after that since her eyes are still shut.

Oh, and I'm on Spring Break finally. Sorta. It's technically Monday.


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:08 pm
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The Inugami circus-dan (犬神サーカス団) costume is almost done @_@ I'm so happy! And it looks.... Okay! XD *my own worst critic*

MUCC concert tomorrow. Can't wait.

going with [livejournal.com profile] incoherants and her nephew. Tacce, if you're reading this, I'm sewing. call me.

*edit* .... I pleated the inside backwards... I don't know if I can hem it... ,_,
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It's about time that I updated with this. D:

K, so after getting back from my sister's on New Year's Day since Chazzle those that shall not be named moved our signage/bag stuffing day to the first, Ari and I high-tailed it to Granola Hills at like... 6 pm since traffic was just PEACHY between Arizona and California. But we got there and helped Evan get the signs put together and whatnot.

Did whatever on Wednesday.

On to the Convention! )

A great con, all in all, as it tends to be. Things will go more smoothly this year meetings-wise, hopefully. Enjoy!


May. 27th, 2007 12:28 pm
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I look like Yoshiki. o_O

*adds to the cosplay list*

Check it out! Unless I find the cloth for this one, I'll do that. *nods* Think I can pull it off? XD
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Don't expect to see me at anymore Hellsing gatherings at AX.


Basically the gathering thread on C.com got into a debate on whether or not swastikas were the ultimate offense or just offensive like anything else, and whether or not it's acceptable to wear them outside of cosplay (not so much the convention area; i'm not that stupid), and even if it's acceptable to wear them IN cosplay for accuracy...

It had nothing to do with their opinions.

It kept coming back to wearing them defining the wearer as a sympathizer of Nazism if it's not part of a costume. Okay, sure. I can see your angle. Just don't freaking come at me with that when you're in FULL support of people that do dress in full garb. "Ooooh, well, it's a character, so it's okay."

That's bull shit.

You wear an armband, you're a supporter; You wear an entire uniform in the name of cosplay, you're not? Hah. I don't think so. By that logic, you should only cosplay a character with whom you identify with idealogically, and thusly, anyone that dresses as ANYONE from Millenium is a Nazi supporter. Does that fly? I don't think so.

So, because of one idiot that hides behind her heritage as an excuse to be offended by a cotton rag, I'm not going. Ever.
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Animé Los Angeles.

Can't talk now.

Going Insane.


See you Monday.
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That is all.
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K, I have no job. Minimal income. Yay for that.

co-worker from Game Stop invited me to Vegas this weekend. I get a free room. ^_^ w00t.

Established which two costumes i want to make for next year's convention: Isshi (Kagrra,) from the "Gen ei no Katachi" video, and Manji from Blade of the Immortal. Plus Nazi Pirate SPOOn, Enrico Maxwell from Hellsing, and Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear Solid. *nods*

I was gonna be Isshi from "Ouka Ranman"'s video, but the kimono's pattern was almost impossible to replicate at the Fashion district yesterday, and not be spandex or polyester... =_= or SHEER. :| There was a Silk pattern but it was $20 a yard. @_@ 3-4 yards required. XÞ Plus a conceivable 2 yard Hapi... Blech. Now I just have to buy a blonde wig. o0 w00t.
*edit* And I was going to be Isshi from "Satsuki", but then I realized that the last thing I needed was another trench coat. XD At least this way, I still get a kimono out of the deal. And a black one, to boot. o0

Bought a bunch of JRock cds off Ebay and CDJapan. No more spending for me. *nods* $85 for 6 singles and an album (non bootleg). Not bad, if you ask me, but yeah. No more.

Anybody interested in commissioning me for art? Prices are negotiable, of course, you all being friends and everything. When it comes to color, I'm strictly Photoshop, 600 DPI 8x10", unless you want something specific like a bookmark or a CD label or something not just for framing or throwing in your notebook, and of course that'll alter the price (in your favor, typically).

Let me know. <3
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K. AX is next week. No shit. o_O

Costumes for the year:
Enrico Maxwell of Hellsing (Crossfire edition)
Hiroshi Nagano of Gravitation (Manga edition)
Naomi Campbell of Metal Gear Solid
Almighty SPOOn (Nazi Pirate Bartender edition)

Status of each:
Maxwell required me to buy a pattern of a Priest Cassock. And black cloth. 7 yards of black cloth. o_O He's almost done. Need to sewing the lining in, hem it, and add the snaps. Mom sewed the sleeves on for me. D: They required ruffles. @_@

Hiroshi required a red, long sleeved button down. Good luck finding one of those in June. XD So, I bought a white shirt and decided to dye it. That was brilliant. Mom helped me out with that. We get the pot of water on the stove, and we're getting ready to test a piece of cloth out to see how the color goes on. She opens the bottle. Doesn't tell me that it's open, and has left the cap on the bottle, to boot. I grab the bottle and promptly shake it. :) Guess how THAT ended. XD Red concentrated dye all over the stove, and my shirt. Seriously, it looks like I slit my wrist or something while peeling potatos. XD It's great.

Naomi... I'm recycling the Otacon jacket. Need to find the clothes. I'll probably cheat though. Use black instead of what I figured to be brown. o_O Need shoes though.

SPOOn... Well, the Rum Party appointed me the official Nazi bartender this year, so I figured I'd just make that my SPOOn costume of the year. D: It works. :D

Artist Alley preparation is interesting. I did some color enhancements to two of my older prints. Working on one last one that I hopefully get done in time. I hope I do well this year. I want to try commissions. *nods*

Try my product?


May. 27th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Finals next week. Then I can concentrate on AX as much as I need. W00t. Have to sew my Maxwell costume, buy pieces for the others, and buh.

Goo Goo Dolls concert at the end of June. Going with Mom and Dad. ^_^ Oh, yeah, and it's the night before AX begins XDD

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10% Yankee

5% Upper Midwestern

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0% Midwestern

yoinked from Mandy

What NERV Child Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.
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No, I didn't burn my sketchbooks.

Anime Expo is in 9 days.

I'll be in Artist Alley for the third year. :D I'll have three new prints along with my normal assortment.

I'll also be attending the Metal Gear Solid Gathering on Friday, and hosting the Original Character gathering on Monday, and there will be a Midnight Rum party Sunday morning.
My friend'll be in AX Idol so I'll be in the audience for that, hopefully.
After that, everything else is fair game. I'm a big-time shopper though. ;D

Cosplay will include Chocolate Misu, Nazi SPOOn, Para-Medic, and Nazi U-boat captain SPOOn for the Rum Party.


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